Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is professional blogging?

professional Blogging

Blogs have become very common form of online presence. Professional Blogging is making blogs and blogging a career.

In those old days GeoCities of google was the only option where you can create a personal web page for you. Now you can opt from several service provides like google's blogger, wordpress, and many free blogging websites. You can use social networking sites like facebook and myspace to express your view, contact and chat with your friend. To create a website in those days you need expertise in web designing and knowledge of HTML and other Tools like front page is necessary. Web space was also at premium. Availability of Internet also was low. Dial-up was the only option with slow speed and frequent disconnections.

Now the story has changed. Web has completely evolved. With in 5 minutes you can create your own blog and upload pictures, videos and more. All this at no cost. No hosting charges, no domain charges. This evolution has lead to professional blogging, a new kind of career for youths. It is a step further than mere online presence. Beyond photo sharing and bio-data display it is a career, a job, a business.

But it is not easy to become professional blogger. You need hard work, patience, honesty, some knowledge in internet and good expertise in you niche.

Professional bloggers are full time bloggers creating and maintaining their blogs. They earn money by affiliate marketing, ebay, amazon, and ad networks like google AdSense. Success depends on the niche, traffic received and quality and content of the blog.

Ok. Time is up. I will write more on Professional blogging later.

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