Thursday, August 6, 2009

New matrimonial site of Indians and Tamils

Yesterday i went to Raghvnek coimbatore in the morning. The new billing software was working fine and i created options to export report to excel. Afternoon we went to Yogam a-one manamalai, Gandhipuram. We fixed the computer by formating and installing windows. We spoke on various subjects like astrology, sidhar etc. Venakat suggested me to create a free matrimonial site. He asked to get the horoscopes and feed them with a minimum charge and make public all biodata including contact address and phone. So this will be big competition to biggies such as bharatmatrimony and kalyanamaalai. We have no technical issues as i am capable of creating a site in php or asp and host it on free hosting service. Ok. Let us see what is going to happen.

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