Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meenakshi sundaram

Meenakshi sundaram - Profile

Meenakshi sundram is my name. I own this blog and write it for myself. Here is the biodata for Meenakshi sundram the all in all. You must be curious about the name the first part of the name Name 'Meenakhsi' denotes female and second part 'sundaram' denotes a males name. This is confusing everywhere. People mistook me for female sometimes. The reason for the name is Meenakshi sundareswarar of Maduari Meenakshi temple. The name denotes lord shiva. In Madurai Meenakshi temple he and she (Godess parvathi and god shiva) appears half woman and half man.

meenakshi sundaram photo
My short bio:-
Age: 30
Qualificaion: MCA
Profession: computer software & Hardware
Hobbies: Computer, Internet, Books, Travel and Tour, Movies
Maritial Status: Married with priya
Present Location: Coimbatore

I have attached my photo for your refrence. This is all about Meenakshi sundaram.

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