Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Year After mumbai Attacks

Exactly one year ago, the nation was stunned when terrorists attacked its financial capital Mumbai. The pakistan supported terrorist entered Mumbai via sea, using securiy holes. They entered Mumbai Satrapathi Shivaji Railway terminal and opened fire on innocent people. Senior police official like hemant karkare and others were killed in action. Then the terrorists entered hotel Taj International and took people as hostage. The mumbai police was unable to stop them. Paramilitary was called-in, NSG forces were called-in. Army and Air-force were brought into action.
The only terrorist captured alive was 'Ajmal Kasab' a karachi resident. Police sub-inspector thuukaram captured him. All other terrorists were killed in the fighting. 164 people, from many countries and continents were killed by terrorists. 6 persons belonging to jew community were killed during a prayer in nariman house.
Today mumbai observed this memorial day to commorate the service of commandos and security personnel. Blood donations were given in CST terminal, mumbai.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanagaraj's marriage

Today kanagu weds selvi. We attend kangu marriages at arasur, Thangamman temple. Yesterday we went there at 2 pm and make our persence thorughout the day and returned in the night. Today early morning we went there for the muhurtham. We have some other marriages this week. Madappur sarathi and pubesh marriages are coming this week. Our valaikappu function is on next sunday. Our boy/girl is now 5 months old in the womb.
Last weeks events

Many of my payments were overdue. I am almost in debt. But i am clinging to the software business! I am getting orders but not money. I still have belief in astrology and believe that my rahu dasa is bringing about these disasters to me. It will be over, soon. Ok. I finished the sizing software this month and installed the software for asm sizing, kamanaickenpalayam. Payment was pending for 15 days and on wednesday i got five thousand, earlier i got four thosand from kumar, kpatti. another five thousand is still pending.

Last weeks activities:

On Sunday 15th, november 2009 we started for Chidambaram via Jan sadapthi 2083 express train. Muthu rathinam acompanied me. We went to chidambaram to meet Mr. prabu of Lutheran world services India. He works as co-ordinator in that international NGO organization. Earlier we had discussed with prabu regarding the software requirement for stock ledger maintenance. The software project was agreed by the NGO's National headquarters at mumbai. So, to finalize the deal we went to the Tamilnadu Branch at chidambaram. They work for tsunami relief constructions in cuddalore and two more sites.

We boarded the train at 7.50 am on sunday. The train reached mayiladuthurai junction at about 2.40 via Tiruchirappalli, Tanjavur and kumbakonam. We met prabu in the evening and collected details for the project. We met the accounts officer, stores in-charge in the process. The project was finalized for Rs. 25000 (Inclusive of 10.3 percent service tax). We received 50% payment as advance in the form of a/c cheque the next day. The same day we visited Chidambaram Nataraja temple. The temple is famous for lord shiva. (I lost my chappals there!). The great temple is one of the oldest temple complex in south india and attaracts several thousand tourists every year.

Mayiladuthurai is only 40 km away from chidambaram. We reached mayiladuthurai on monday afternoon at to get the jan satapthi at 2.35. Our driver got us to the station in-time. We reached tirupur junction at 8.40 pm.

The moonsoon was still bringing rain to tamilnadu. The worst was over for ooty. The queen of hills was tormented by the non stop rain. It was still drizzling when i got home. I bought some snacks at aasai bakery, karumathampatti and reached home for dinner.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tamilnadu got heavy rainfall

Monsoon rain in tamilnadu

Two days of heavy rainfall in Tamilnadu makes the state water bounty. The north east monsoon was not great until last friday when cyclone hit the coast of nagapattinam and kanyakumari. The showers started on saturday 7th november 2009 when me and bharathi went to palladam to encash the cheques from ASM Sizing. That afternoon marked the start of heavy rain. Priya's relatives had arrived to home that afternoon. After lunch they departed with shareauto. Then we could not went out of home due to non-stop rainfall.

Not only coimbatore, Erode, Salem but the entire tamilnadu, from kanyakumari to chennai got the rainfall. Nagapattinam, Thiruvaroor, Erode, Salem, pondichery got the rain. The rain was due to the cyclone. Today (monday) a holiday has been declared to schools and colleges in coimbatore and other districts.

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