Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gmail will no longer work in Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6)

Google's Gmail will not work in IE6 browser

GMail is the popular free email service by Google Inc. Millions of people are using gmail for email communications. Internet Explorer 6 is the popular web browser software developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was bundled with Windows XP and older operating systerms. Due to the security vulnerabilities in IE 6 Google has discontinued support for IE 6 browsers. This means you will not be able to open and read your emails using IE 6. So you need to upgrade to latest versions of Internet Explorer or you can use other brands like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access you Gmail account.

Google announced this a few months back and today i was not able to read my mails using IE 6. I was able to login to my Gmail account and can view the inbox, but i could not open the mails. The link was not clickable. I always use firefox and seldom use IE for browsing.

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