Monday, March 19, 2012

Any amateur astronomers in coimbatore?

Recently i developed interests in astronomy. Everyone should have studied astronomy in schools. As we grow up due to family and social commitments we don't have time to hobbies like astronomy. Even in schools and colleges astronomy is taught in theory only. In India majority of schools and colleges lack lab facilities like Planetarium, Telescopes and binoculars to give the students a practical knowledge.

Astronomy is an excellent hobby and useful time pass.Even with naked eye (unaided) you can see thousands of stars on a clear night. With your eyes you can see planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mars.With binoculars you can see planets like Saturn. With binoculars and Telescopes you can see star clusters, nebula, supernova, comets, asteroids and many more celestial wonders.

Internet is a great help for amateur astronomers. There are lot of articles, news and guides for amateur astronomers on internet.

There are free software programs that help you locate stars, planets and other deep space objects in real time. Even you can track man made satellites using the software. A good freeware planetarium software is 'stellarium'.  It is freely available under General Public License(GPL). Visit to download the software for windows.

To know more on amateur astronomy and equipments visit

I have just started to peep into the sky. I am trying to identify stars and constellations. This month Jupiter and Venus is seen on the western horizon. You can see it with bare eyes. If anyone interested in amateur astronomy in Coimbatore don't hesitate to contact me.

Birthday dress

These videos are of my sun Nishaant's. We took it yesterday in Chennai silks, Coimabtore. We went there after a visit to KMCH Hospital. Nishaant has adenoids (growth of tissues in throat that blocks inhalations and gives breathing troubles). Earlier a month before ENT specialist Dr. Ramanikanth. He confirmed growth of tonsils and prescribed some nasal spray. Our pediatrician Dr. Rajendran  prescribed a tablet for 30 days (I think it is Montair). These medications were good to nishaant and his conditions improved. He had breathing trouble during night and after medication these troubles vanished. Earlier Dr. Ramanikanth suggested surgery for adenoids. Since he is only 2 yrs old surgery was to be avoided. I hope he will recover without surgery.

After our visit to hospital we went to crosscut road for his birthday shopping. My wife preferred some sherwani type clothing. He put on those cloths and i took the above videos. How happier he looks! By the way, his birth is on 2nd April.

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