Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am writing this on sunday 10 am. I have not written for past 5 days.
Wednesday I received email that i was selcted for GAF project ON DNS. Thursday I wento to avinashi. Met RK there. Krishna and me returned home to get laptop charger. We installed 2003 we developed s/w for GreenWorld pazhamudir, TPR.
Friday we went to tirupur to install s/w. We setup weigh scale. We returned avinashi. I stayed there and played heretic. Saturday i returned home, went to authupalyam on 16th day. chinna athai had taken sick. Moorthy and i went to kpatty.
Heavy rainfall experienced allover tamilnadu. We had frequent rain. I returend home at 9pm. Mumbai Taj hotel terrorist attack had come to an end. atleast 200 people killed and 10 terrorist killed. NGS commandos and security forces made the nation proud by their meritorious deed. Shame to politicians. We will not forget TAJ, OBEROI, TRIDENT.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today 26-11-08

A special day. Went to Surays cafe at 10 am to fix dairy s/w. Went to kpatty office. With krishna went to cbe mullai nagar kavitha palamuthir to get the s/w copy. Unfortunately the system was repair. Went to Raghvenk to meet bernard. Fixed the s/w there got a copy. WE three had lunch at RS PUram. WE to went to maruthamalai temple. I had my head shaved. We had darshan of lord muruga. Returned home at 7 pm. Got mail that i was selected for project "ASP.NET VB.NET DNS and IIS Site Creation Program" - anuchote the buyer. I begin installation of Windows 2003 server right now. I will be busy in next few days. See you later :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Iam writing this on 25th. I went to office at 10 pm. Worked on astroweb could not fix dll error. Maniannan came at 1 pm we went to somanur rahu dental. I came back at 2.00. We installed heretic full version with ccd images downloaded from torrent. I went to suryas at 6 pm. There was slight rain, i miscalucated and slipped my bike. fortunately no vehicle crushed me. By gods grace i escaped with wound in right foot and knee pain. I reached surya and we changed SMPS bought at chinkad (550/-). We had drink (sandpiper for me) in sureshs room (4 guys altogether). I reached home at 1 am.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

yesterday 24-11-08

I spent the whole sunday in home. I tried to develpe astro site with free hosting. the link is But i could not get the ephemeris dll running on the server. I received Acces denied message. Maniannan came in the evening. He had tooth ache. There was rain in the evening. Nothing special happened.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I forgot to write yesterday.
In the morning i brought CPU to surya cafe. I replace the power cable with my own. There was a power shutdown on that saturday. Then i went to coimbatore by bike. There i purchased a power cord at Navkar. On the back there was heavy rain. Got phone call from jagadish regarding marketing our software. I promised to meet him on monday. I reached home at 2 pm. I spent the evening by watching paruthi veeran film.

Friday, November 21, 2008

20&21st Nov,2008

I fortgot to write yesterdays post. You will know the reason soon. Yesterday we (me,and krishna) went to PN palayam to Velumani's house. We met him at 12 pm. After going to him home we took his bike and went to nilgiris. We had our lunch there. I had a chicken briyani and curd semia. krishna had a freid rice and semia. Krishna paid the bill by coupons about Rs. 150/-. Then we went to Yogam A-One Manamalai To meet Guruji Appaji. We asked him for Profiles for our HEAVEN project. He told the day was astami and asked to come monday. We then came back you velumanis house and make some service to his PC. In the evening we went to lakshmi mills Tasmak and had our drink 2 signatures.Velumani had tooth pain and did not take drink. We then parted. I reached home at about 10.30 PM.(Splendors tank was empty, however i managed using choke) Thats why i did not write yesterday.
Today i reached i went to office as usual. Spent some time on lakshmi web. Then came a laptop service (Install internet with Motorola L7 airtel GPRS ). We then went to Suryas cafe. We had our lunch there. Chicken kulambu was very good. Krishna went home. In the evening i met suresh and discussed about opening branch in kpatty. I took his CPU to home for service(SMPS problem Right now iam writing this with his CPU. so far no problem). Got phone call from logu annan. He relocated from tirupur to saravanampatty. He told it today. We are still unsettled!!!.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today 19-11-2008

Nothing special. In the morning went to surya's cafe to add Surya's Dairy s/w. Went to kpatty office at 12.00 pm. Done some work on HEAVEN project (MAtch Make). Done flash design for Lakshmi Electric website. Went to teknics home in evening to attend computer problem. Reached home at 6. Uploaded all my photo collection to this blog! I wish i had a high-end camera mobile!! See tomorrow.

Some more durika

sri hari and nivi

Durika and Dhanmathi again

Some more photos

Durika, Ramakrishnan, My Bike, Our car,etc.,

Other photos

Photos with Vijaykumar

Kurtalam, Thenkasi Trips

These photographs were taken by my new Motorola w388's VGA resolution camera. Place is Thenkasi 'Adavi Nayinar DAM'.

vaishno devi 25-sep-2008 to 4-oct

Vaishno Devi Tour

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Paid surveys

I have been a member of many Paid survey companies. Those companies pay you for taking online surveys. Recently i was paid by ciao surveys. They don't pay cash. Instead the paid me by indiatimes Gift certificate. We can redeem it at indiatimes online shopping. I received my first payment for Rs.1200. I redemeed it for 4 port USB hub and Prestige Pressure cooker. I received USB hub last week and not yet received the Cooker after almost one month. I have similar experience with rediff. I shopped with for swiss Victorinox multipurpost knife. But they sent me a cheap china made knife set after more than a month. When i asked my money back they promptly sent me a cheque which i encashed at my bank. So with these experience i dont like and dont recommed online shopping.


Sweet little baby

durika again

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