Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nandhu & Family visited yesterday

Yesterday My business partner nandhakumar along with his wife sumathi and son Yashik visited my house. We planned it on saturday to have a lunch at my home. They arrived at my home at 10.30 am. We decided to make chicken fry and kulambu. nandhu and i went to somanur to buy groceries and chicken. Chicken (nattu kozhi) was not available in somanur. We went to samalapuram to buy chicken. We selected a 2.3 kg cock. After removing feathers it was only 1.5 kg. We paid Rs. 240 per kg and total 492.

We planned a small drinks party and we had it along with chicken fry. The taste was average since my wife and nandhu's wife are amateurs in cooking. We had the whisky and returned home. Had lunch and had a small nap for two hours. Nandhu & family returned at about 5 pm.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

IRCTC - Settlement Requested

How to get refund from IRCTC for failed transaction?

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) is a Government of India Enterprise that offers online booking of rail tickets in India. Everyday hundreds of thousands of people book their tickets using internet via IRCTC. IRCTC offers a variety of payment methods for online ticket reservation.

I have booked many tickets using IRCTC in the past. But last week i booked bulk tickets for my friends for a goa trip. I used my Karur Vysya Bank Debit card for payment. IRCTC offers a number of payment gateways powered by CITI bank, HDFC bank, Axis Bank etc.

Amount Debited from account and Ticket not booked, what happened? Can i get a refund.

Online payment is a complex process that involves a number of stages. Your ticket will be booked successfully if only all the stages are completed. If a stage fails in the process your ticket will not be booked. For example if you give wrong CCV number / expiration date your payment via Credit card / debit card will not complete. In that case a Settlement Failed entry will be posted in Refund Status of Failed Transaction in My Transactions section of your IRCTC account. This part will have S.nO, Transaction ID, Pay Status (settlement failed/settlement requested), Reservation status, Total Amount and Bank.

If settlement Failed is shown you can ignore it as no amount is debited from your account. In case amount is debited from your account and no ticket is booked a 'settlement requested' status will be shown. In that case IRCTC will refund your amount in few days.

What to do? Whom to contact to get the refund? Should i contact IRCTC or my Bank?

Don't worry. Your amount will be refunded automatically to your bank account in 4-5 working days. Check your account statement in 4-5 days.

I got an email indicating that my payment was refunded. The following is the email i got from IRCTC

The refund of Rs. for the transaction tried by you under reference no.xxxxxxxx which has failed and later found that the payment has been debited to your credit card account has been credited to your card account at 30-Nov-2010 .
We suggest you to please retry the transaction, if not booked already. The booked tickets history can be checked to view the list of all tickets booked by you.
Warm regards,

So don't panic if amount is debited and no ticket is booked in IRCTC website.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sundar's Diwali Wishes

Festival of lights or Festival of frights. I started hating Diwali for the past few years. What is good in firing crackers, wearing new cloths and eating bellyfull meals, if you are unkind towards fellow humans. People are rushing madly to cloth shops, sweets shops, electronics, mobile other shops to purchase goods in discounts, offers, freebies etc. Especially middle class people are bound to this disease. Family head / Father / Husband suffers a lot for the greeds of their wives and children. Children too are addicted to this mania. We can forgive the children since they are too young to understand the reality.

In a poor country like India there is great disparity of Income among people. Some families earn as low as Rs. 100 per day while some biggies earn as much as hundreds of thousands of rupess per day. While this is not uncommon in countries where capitalism rules, in India the situation is different. The gap between poor, middle class and rich is very big. The job opportunities in IT, BPO and servcie sectors have helped middle class youths to realize their dreams. Five figure income is not uncommon for Indian Middle class. While the middle class is flourishing from the economic boom the former backbones of Indian economy, agriculture and allied sectors have seen downfalls. This has resulted in poverty in millions of families.

The government of India has taken no steps to improve the quality of life for rural Indians. Politicians and officials are busy harvesting money from many scams. The recent commonwealth games are evidence that more than half of the Government machinery is corrupt. There is another important news about the functioning of this machinery. The Food Corporation of India stocks food grains in numerous godowns across the country. The recent findings have shown that hundreds of thousands of these food grains are rotting in the godowns of the FCI due to inadequate storage facilities. A pulblic litigation was heard by the high court bench and the judges recommended the government the food grains free of cost to the thousands of poor and hungry people. The minister of the concerned department promptly denied the judges recommendations. He would not allow the food to be supplied free of cost to the dying fellow Indians. Still he will take thousands of Indian Ruppee as salary, hundreds of thousands of rupees as allowance, millions of rupess as bribe, bank accounts in switzerland and other luxuries free of cost. He is not willing to give any piece of bread to the starving fellow Indian.

Such is the condition of Indian Mindset today. We have become very greedy, jealous and selfish. This selfishness starts from the individual. Indians especially Tamils were examples of hospitality and kind heart. But that was a thing of past. The western education has corrupted the minds of Indian youths to the level that it is too late to reverse. The joint family structre is no more available. After marriage the girls wants to immediately seperate their husbands and start a new family. There is no understanding between in-laws. No understanding between wife and her mother-in-law. Educated women prefer nuclear family. This is the first sign of selfishness. This is my family, my child, my husband. I want nobody else in my life. That is the mindset of modern indian women. This collective minset will lead to nothing but chaos. These people loose affection for parents and ultimately the parents are left in homes for orphans. The same thing will happen to them in few years when they become old.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ayutha pooja celebrated Today

Today we celebrate the Saraswathi Pooja and Ayuthapooja. Vijayadasami is the day on which the Goddess killed the demon mahishasura. Saraswathi is the Godess of Wisdom. So in this day school and college students will pray saraswathi with their study books. New courses are started on this day.

In companies, factories and workshop this day is celebrated as Ayutha pooja. Ayutha means weapon. So the working people want the grace of Godess and put their tools before the godess and pray for good fortunes. Today we celebrated this pooja in my brother's workshop. In my browsing center i have not yet celebrated ayuthapooja. I have planned to do it in the evening.

Happiest are those olden days when i was young boy. There will be expectations about the pooja holidays and forthcoming deepawali celebrations. After Saraswathi Pooja Diwali will soon come in about two weeks. So there is much joy among boys about the holidays. On the day of pooja morning we will collect flowers from nearby flower trees and will make Poo Maalai. Mango leaves will be put together and tied in front of doors. Preparation of Sundal is essential part of Pooja. Pori Kadalai is another essential ingredient of the Pooja items. We will wash two wheelers, fathers moped our cycles and decorate it with flowers and kumkum. The joy of Pooja will last for two days. After holidays we have to go to school. It is not a happy thing. But we know that diwali will come soon. With that thought in mind we can easily manage the next two weeks.

I am now a grown up man with wife and a child. I am no longer bothered by these celebrations. Pooja is just another day in my life. Diwali too does not interest me anymore. Apart from leave from work and oil bathing nothing is interesting about it.

This is because in the old days good meals, new clothing and sweets are rare. But nowadays these are common things. Purchasing of people has increased. People can get anything anytime now.

What is your opinion? Please comment

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya Case - High Court Verdict Today

The Allahabad High court's Lucknow bench will give its verdict today on the Issue of Ram Janma Bhoomi & Babri Masjid. The Hindus claim the place was the birth place of Shri Ram, Incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. The place holds the cemetery of Muslim Emperor Babar. The case is in the court for about 60 years now. The verdict on this historic case is being given by the Honorable Allahabad Highcourt's Lucknow bench. In about few moments the verdict will be out to the general public in India.

Riots and religious disharmony is expected in many parts in India. As a precautionary measure the Indian Government and State Goverments have made elaborate security measures. Security forces have been deployed in sensitive areas. Security has been tightened in Railway Stations, Airports and Important religious places.

Religious groups have asked people to be calm.

After all we are human beings. Ram or Allah shows one path. Path of peace and love. Nobody should upset because of the verdict. One can get God's grace only by loving fellow human being. I will update once the verdict is out!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Google Announced Project 10 to the 100 Winners

Today Google announced winner of "Project 10 to the 100'. About 1 year ago Google announced that it will select five best ideas / projects from individuals / organisations and Google will offer 1 million US dollars to implement the selected idea. In other words Google will sponsor.

Over the last 12 months Google received 150000 ideas from 170 countires. Google officials narroved the applications to 16 and put them to public vote.

Finally 5 ideas were selected and emerged as winners.

Here is the list of winners.

Idea: Make educational content available online for free

Idea: Enhance science and engineering education


Idea: Make government more transparent


Idea: Drive innovation in public transport


Idea: Provide quality education to African students


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We have moved to new home

On last sunday, 12th September, 2010 we moved to our new house. The house was built in just one month duration. We brought our son nishant to this new house. We were living in a joint family with mother and brother. Now we are nuclear family and have full responsibility for my family. We are settling things in our new house. Still many works are pending. I have to setup my computer in my room. The house has only three rooms one kitchen one bedroom and one hall. Enough for a small family of three. We invited only close relatives to the graha pravesha ceremony. Homa was performed by two pandits in the morning. Breakfast was issued to the guests.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Donate Blood - For a noble cause

Day before i yesterday i made a blood donation at KG hospital, Coimbatore. It was for my uncles daughter. She underwent uterus removal operation at a hospital in kalapatti. She needed two units of A1 positive blood. Me and my brother babu went to KG hospital with sivakumar and rayappan. We filled a form and the staff asked us to lie on bed and inserted needle to pull blood. I was making a good outflow babu made it too with little struggle. Though rayppan's group was different he volunteered to donate his blood. Nursing staff could not find suitable vein in his arms. So he could not donate.

So far i have donated three times. One time for my aunt, second time as a volunteer, third time at KG

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nambungal Narayanan - Premonition / mystic power

A tribute to Nambungal Narayanan

Nambungal Narayanan Died on 8th June, 2010

Do you believe in ESP Powers, occult practice, astrology? Read this article and you will start believing. Narayanan was born to N. Ramakrishnaiyyar, a high school mathematics teacher lived at Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, India. When Narayanan was 24 years old he met an accident at his own rice mill while repairing machinery. He was admitted at the hospital and was in coma for 3 days.

Narayanan heard the chief doctor telling his fellow doctors that an operation should be performed for Narayanan on the next day. On hearing this Narayanan told that the chief doctor would not be alive to perform the operation. As told by Narayanan the doctor died on the same night at 2 AM. From that point he gained exceptional mental powers, whatever you may call it Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or whatsoever.

Over the year Narayanan gained popularity in Astrology, Numerology and other occult practices. His popularity was not just confined to Indian sub-continent. He predicted precisely about many world events, concerning people in United States, Europe etc.

Narayanan worked in Central Marine Fisheries Institute and retired as Superintendent. While working there he practiced astrology with permission from the Institute. He was also a consulting Numerologist. He renamed 'Nucleus Software' to 'Polaris' and it became a successful company. Recently he suggested the name 'Mega TV' of K.V. Thangabalu, Tamilnadu congress party chief.

Narayanan's hobbies include Philately or Stamp Collection, Coin & Currency collection etc.

He predicted that MGR's ministry will be dissolved in TamilNadu. He told this at a Lions club meeting on 7th February, 1980. This was published in Alai oosai News Paper. As predicted MGR's cabinet was dissolved on 17th February, 1980.

Some of his popular predictions include

Narayanan predicted US president Richard Nixon will resign his position. The prediction was made on july 17, 1974 and Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974

Narayanan predicted that Jimmy Carter of US and Margaret Thatcher of UK would be elected as president and prime minister respectively. This also came true and Thatcher sent a letter Narayanan congratulating him.

During the emergency period in India Narayanan predicted Indhira Gandhi would held elections and will not get elected. This also came true.

He precisely predicted that AIADMK party would win the 2001 assembly elections in Tamilnadu with 196 seats. This interview was aired on JAYA Television Network. This prediction also came true.

On Januray 8, 1980 he wrote article on 'The Mail' newspaper with warnings about an Earh quake and loss of lives. After four days of this article a major earth quake hit Algeria and about twenty thousand died

He predicted the war between America and Iraq in the year 2002.

Narayanan also predicted the Major Tsunami that hit Indonesia and India in the year 2004.

Narayanan died on June 8, 2010. His amazing predictions makes even the scientists believe in supernatural powers of nature.

Narayanan has a surviving mother and three daughters.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tamil-Aiswarya Font Download

Today my lawyer brother was looking for a case judgment online. The judgement was in Tamil on confonet website. The display was not proper because the required Tamil font Tamil-Aiswarya was not installed on the system. He called my help. I googled for Tamil-Aiswarya but could not find any download links for that font. Finally i found the font on my own system.

So i decided to give the download link for Tamil-Aiswarya font. Many government websites use this font. Just download this font and copy it to the windows fonts folder. To do this open control panel and open fonts folder. Here is the download link.

Download Tamil-Aiswarya font

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nishant on 17.7.10

This sunday i reached mettupalayam at 2 pm. We had fish fry before lunch. For lunch we had fish kulambu. Then i played with nishant. In the evening sivakumar, ranganayaki, tamilarasi and children came. They went home shortly. In the evening we went to purchase teether for nishant. At night we had idly and slept.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our new home

From the next month onwards we will be living in another house, a newly built home adjacent to our current home. Last week the site was purchased at Rs. 58000 per cent. Today we completed the bhoomi bhooja in this site. The small house will have one kitchen, one bedroom and one hall. The kitchen and bedroom are 10 feet length and breath. The hall is 10 feet width and 20 feet wide.

I am going to occupy the house the next month when my wife returns from her mothers home with my kid. He is now 4 months old and started crawling on knees.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ramana Maharshi - Trip to Tiruvannamalai

Ashrama at Tiruvannamalai

On 8th july, 2010 we made a trip to thiruvannamalai, the hindu holy place of lord shiva. This is one of the panch boodha sthala or the place that represents the element Fire (Agni). Bharathi and me boarded the bus at karumathampatti. We took few parottas as dinner and got the bus to Salem at 10 pm. We reached salem at about 1.15 am (Friday). After having a cup of tea we boarded the bus to Tiruvannamalai. The bus started at about 2 am. At about 5.30 we reached Tiruvannamalai.

The holy place where ramana maharshi attained his maha nirvana, the place where the supreme lord Siva blesses thousands of people in the temple, welcomed us. Thangaraj came to the bus stand and picked us up. In tirivannamalai we still get tea at Rs. 4 per cup. In coimbatore it is 5 rupees. We reached the ashrama. Thangaraj introduced us to swami chetanananda who looks after the Thiruneer Annamalaiyar Trust. The trust was founded by a Tirupur based business man. The trust offers Annadhana (food donation) on full moon days. Swami chetanananda was good at cooking. He prepared the morning breakfast for us. We had dosa and uppuma as breakfast. Swami spoke about sanyasa, philosophy and more. The at 11 am we went to Ramanasrama to meet the president. I wish to sell ramanasrama books on my website In this regard we met the president Mr. Mani. He was an elder person. He asked us to give a letter in this regard. He also asked us to take the prasada that would be available soon to guests. We had the prasada food. It was sambar, keerai, rasam and curd. Then we went to a nearby browsing center to prepare the letter. We submitted the letter and the president assured us that he would look in to the matter. We returned to Ashrama. Then bharathi and me went to the Arunachala Temple. The temple was big and was built by Krishnadevaraya of Vijaya nagara empire. Bharathi offered ghee lighting to goddess unnamulai. He was eager to get married. He could not find a bride for him. We returned to the ashrama. I forgot one thing. In the afternoon we went to meet aruna, the mentally ill girl, my aunt's daughter is staying there at a home for mentally challenged. We met her, gave her buscuits. The poor girl lost both of her parents within past 6 months. May god protect her.

We slept at 10 pm. The next morning we will depart to home.

We returned on 10 july, 2010. We catched the bus to salem at 10 am. Thangarj gave us send off. We bade him good bye and boarded the bus. The route from tiruvannamalai was Chengam, Singarapettai, Uthangarai , Harur and salem. We reached salem at about 1.30. We had lunch at the nearest hotel and got the coimbatore bus. We reached karumathampatti at 6 pm.

For those wishing to stay at tiruvannamalai in a peaceful place near girivala road this is the place and address

Thiruneer Annamalaiyar Trust
Aham Road,
Tiruvannamalai - 606 604
Tamilnadu - South India
Mr. S. Chinnusamy, 91-94431 39709
Swami Chetanananda, 91-96775 31522

You don't have to pay anything to stay. You can donate money if you wish. The picture are taken at ramanasrama, where maharshi rama lived and taught people.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I have just joined twitter

Twitter is the popular website that helps you keep in touch with friends, current events, your favorites etc. Twitter allows you to write small messages of only a maximum of 140 characters. You follow anybody on twitter. You will received their messages whenever they write one. Anyone can follow you. Whatever you write will be immediately sent them. So like minded people can follow each other and know what they think.

I have not used twitter yet. Just today i created an account. What will i write? All personal things family, friends, coimbatore etc.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tamil Conference or DMK party Meeting?

The DMK government has once again proved their might. They stunned coimbatore by mustering a huge gathering of people from all over tamilnadu. People were pouring in from buses, cars, trucks etc. The codissia trade fair center has never seen such a huge crowd. I can account 95% of these people from DMK party members. Locals from coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode were small in number. I could see the number plates of those vehicles from as far as kanyakumari, kadalur, tuticorin, Dharmapuri etc.

Kalaignar karunanidhi innaugurated the conference today. Hon. Indian president pratibha patil was the chief guest. Hon. Tamilnadu Governer Barnala and Deputy CM Stalin were also present. The first day was not people's day. There was nothing for the general public, except the road show from VOC park to codissia which i did not attend. The fair will be open for public only tomorrow. I took some snaps of the semmozhi conference. These pictures are not so nice. But they are to be looked at.

My humble motorola's VGA camera cannot take much better pictures. I wish i had canon SLR with powerful zoom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nishant on 21-6-10

I am just back from mettupalayam. My son is now about 3 months old. One more week to complete 3 months. Now he listen well to sounds. Babies of this age should listen to sounds. He moves his head where the sound sound comes from. He focus on faces. I still wonder whether he recognize mom, dad. No idea. I read that newborn males have chance of developing hydrocele, accumulation of liquid in scrotum sac. In most babies it will disappear at about 1 year of age. If not a small operation is required, which is outpatient procedure and risk free.

He has not developed another habit. He is sucking his thumbs. Most babies start sucking thumbs even while in mother's womb. There is not much to worry about it. Babies will forget it when they are grown up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Semmozhi Tamil Conference, Coimbatore -2010

Should i need entrance pass for the Tamil Conference?

We are all set for the big conference. The biggest event ever conducted in coimbatore. I am proud of being a coimbatorean. I welcome every people from every district of Tamilnadu, every state of India, every country of world. Here are some clarification for general public regarding the Tamil conference.

How can i attend? Should i get a entrance pass / ticket?

No. You don't have to purchase any tickets. General populace can participate in the conference without any ticket. However before entering the auditorium you will checked for security reasons. This is normal. For people coming from outside facilities have been made for food, accomodation (not free!)

Where to stay? How about the accomodation?

General populace coming for the conference should arrange their own accomodation. There are plenty of lodges, hotels in and around coimbatore. In hope college and citra there are so many cheap lodges available. There are plenty of Schools and colleges in the area. Government could have made arrangements for accomodation. Right now i don't know about it.

What are programmes / schedule?

The conference spanning about  a week will hold many functions, programmes. 400 Internet experts are attending the conference from all over the world. There will be 124 stalls from both government and private. The Central Minister for Textiles will inaugurate the Stalls on 24th June. On 24th Internet conference will be held. The themes include Electronic Governance, Tamil Hardware, Tamil Software, Tamil Multimedia, Internet Education, Wikipedia etc. Wipro, HCL, Microsoft and other software giants participates. One lac Tamil Unicode software CD will be distributed for free. 

How to get to codissia?

The conference is held at Codissia, Trade Fair complex, Avinashi Road (NH-47), The nearest landmarks are Coimbatore Medical College (CMC), Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), Government Polytechnic (GPT), Krishnammal School. From Gandhipuram the distance is about 8 kilometers. I have given below the Google map for the location.

View Larger Map

Friday, June 18, 2010

Opencart - Easy to install Shopping cart

This week i have completed the installation of my online shopping cart opencart. I have planned to sell books online using . Last monday i registered a domain with Right now i am selling only tamil books. I am negotiating with publishers to market their publications. It is easy to do online business, especially retails selling of tangible goods. With opencart it is easy to setup a website with shopping cart, online payment with credit/debit card etc.

Contact me if you are interested in setting up e-commerce website with opencart. email:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have launched Online Book shop for Tamil Books

The idea was a spark. I have some talent, knowledge of online industry especially e-commerce. Why not i use that talent to create a new business model. With the growth of internet most people purchase goods and services online. I considered many things and finally concluded to open online book shop. Sales of any tangible goods require substantial investment. But i can not invest that much. I will do the marketing part. Get the orders online and the book publishers will fulfill their orders.

I will do my marketing part by hosting website, Cataloging books from various publishers, and making arrangements for online payments using credit card, net banking.

Of course, this is not a new business model as there are numerous e-commerce sites like e-bay, amazon etc. But Indian people are not much used to it. But there is a huge potential in the near future. Please take a look at my site. and give your comments.

Currently i have plan to cater the needs of Tamil people only. That means i will be selling only Tamil books. In future i may decide to cater others as well. Right now i have arrangements for paying online using Credit/Debit card in Paypal. This is a simple and secure way to pay online. I just registered my domain the day before yesterday. I use opencart - an opensource shopping cart application. Here is the snapshot of the site,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Classical Tamil Conference, Coimbatore -2010

The world classical Tamil Conference starts on 23rd june, 2010. The conference will held at codissia trade fair center, Avinashi Road, Codissia. The place was selected due to its strategic location near SITRA, Airport. The Airport is only about 5 kilo meters from the codissia trade fair complex. It is also near National Highways 47. The Coimbatore City, Gandhipuram and Townhall are only about 10 kms from codissia. Here is the Google map representing the place. How to reach codissia? From Coimbatore you can take bus. There are frequent corporation buses available to codissia. Or you can take auto or Taxi.

A theme song for the classical Tamil Language conference was released by Government of Tamilnadu. The Tamilnadu chief minister kalaignar karunanidhi wrote the lyrics. The popular music director A.R.Rahman composed the music. Populars singers like T.M.Soundararajan sang the song. Below i have given the download link for the themes song. Videos can be viewed on youtube. The Audio MP3 is about 13 MB in size.
Semmozhi World Classical Tamil Theme song

The semmozhi Theme song Video

The Government of Tamilnadu has announced holidays for schools and colleges during the conference.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nishant on 6-6-10

Sucking his thumbs

Most infants start sucking their thumbs at this stage. This is the only play available to them. My son is also putting his hands and fingers into his mouth. It is so cute to watch while he was helping with one hand to put another hand into mouth. How to prevent this habit? We don't know how to. We just wrap around his hand with a cloth. It is annoying for him. He cries when he was not able to put his fingers in mouth. I think he associated thumb sucking with hunger and milk feeding. Whenever he feels hungry he sucks finger.

As usual i have uploaded this month's photos. He is now more than two months old.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mithra's Marriage

After uncle and aunt's death their two daughters were completely orphaned. College going mithra discontinued college and stayed at home. It is now more that 6 months after uncle's death and his younger daughter is married today. It is the effort of minnakadu mani that culminated in this marriage. The groom is our relative named palanisami. The physical compatibility is good. In terms of money and wealth both are matched. We did not match horoscope. Just obeyed the God's will by asking red flower.

The marriage took place at our kula theivam temple at kadaiyur near kangeyam. The newly married couple are just home. I wish them a great married life. I wish them all prosperity and success. I wish them a healthy and disease free life. I wish them good and virtuous children. May my lord Sri Ragavendra and Sri Hari Narayana protect them from all mishaps and helps them in their struggle.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Powercut - Tamilnadu Suffers

The hot summer month of April-May is almost over now. Many cities in TamilNadu recorded highest ever temperatures. Tourist places like ooty, kodaikannal got thousands of tourists. The electricity board is doing their part by cutting 3 hours of electricity at different places at different times. Now the powercut has been reduced to 2 hours. Apart from Monthly one day full shutdown for maintenance work this regular powercut is affecting homes, factories and commercial establishments. Here is the revised timing of powercut in many parts of coimbatore. This is effective from 27-may-2010 onwards and applicable to Coimbatore District.

 Morning 6 am - 8 am

Seeranayackanpalayam, vadavalli, maruthamalai, P.N. pudur, Veerakeralam, Vedapatti, R.S. Puram,, Velandipalayam, Bharathi park, Lolly road, Saibaba colony, Perur, Postal Colony, Selvapuram, Chinnamathampalayam, press colony, Jothipuram, Periyanaickenpalayam, Narasimmanaickenpalayam, Sengalipalayam, Idikarai, Sivasakthi nagar, Chinna mettuupalayam, Kovanur, Keeranatham, Pannimadai, ChinnaThadagam, Anaikatti, Veerapandi.

Morning 8 am - 10 am

Thudiyalur, NGGO Colony, Thoppampatti, Pannimadai, Chinnathadagam, kanuvai, kuppepalayam, Sengalipalayam, Chinnaputhur, Periya puthur, onnipalayam, part of kalipalayam, mettupalayam urban, teachers colony, palappatti, forest college.

Morning 10 am - 12 pm

Thevarayapuram, Poluvampatti, Eluvaikkal, Thondamuthur, Muthipalayam, Thennamanallur.

After noon 12 pm - 2 pm

Mathampatti, Iruttupallam, Narasipuram, Poondi, Alandurai, Kalampalayam, Theethipalayam, Thanneer pandal, semmedu, perur, S.S kulam, kurumbapalayam, kovilpalayam, vaiyampalayam, kottai, kondaiyampalayam, varathayankarpalayam, podithampalayam, vadugapalayam, kunnathur, kalipalayam.

Afternoon 2 pm - evening 4 pm

Sikkarampalayam, kannarpalayam, Karamadai city, pettathapuram, tholampalayam, kanuvaipalayam, velliankadu, thayanur, vijayanagaram, pujanganur

This is a partial list. I will update later.

Nishant on 29-5-10

Yesterday i reached Mettupalayam in the evening about 7 pm. The growing traffic made my journey in annur - mettupalyam difficult. The brighter headlight of today's cars also makes night traveling a nightmare. He was awake. Priya and mohana were there. Nishant is now responding well to sounds. He also look at faces. He drink more supplemental food - lactogen. In the evenings he sleeps less. Here are some cute pictures taken yesterday and today.

Shiva also came from chennai in the evening. He has joined  a Mainframe course in chennai.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today, Our wedding day

We complete our one year journey together. Exactly one year ago i tied the knot with priya. Today we celebrate our first year wedding anniversary. There have been many ups and down during this period. We got our first male child during this year. It is a blessing of well-wishers, friends and almighty that is behind this. A journey has just begun.

Today its as usual for me. Most couple wear a new clothes go to temple in anniversary. I am not inclined to follow that routine. In the evening i am going to Mettupalayam. At least to enjoy some time with the kid and wife. It will energize me for the next one year.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nishant on 23.05.10

This week we brought him to our home at kaniyur. It is now the auspicious month of vaikasi and third month from his birth. He was born during panguni. New borns are taken to father's home on odd numbered months. On the same day we take him back to mettupalayam so it is convenient for her mother to take care of him.

One remarkable change is his face resembles more of his maternal grandma. Coming months will change this further.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nishant on 16-05-2010

These photographs were taken when he was half asleep on my lap. His face if more matured compared when he was born. Changes in face are obvious. He is awake in the evenings and at nights he sleeps well. His appetite is growing more as he grows. We still give him lactogen as supplement for breast milk. He will an hospital visit on monday. He is now 1 and half months old. He could not recognize and respond to voice. He listen to talking.

The green picture are taken near my office. That is a vegetable garden maintained there. I have a plan of developing a same kind of garden at my estate.

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