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Nambungal Narayanan - Premonition / mystic power

A tribute to Nambungal Narayanan

Nambungal Narayanan Died on 8th June, 2010

Do you believe in ESP Powers, occult practice, astrology? Read this article and you will start believing. Narayanan was born to N. Ramakrishnaiyyar, a high school mathematics teacher lived at Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, India. When Narayanan was 24 years old he met an accident at his own rice mill while repairing machinery. He was admitted at the hospital and was in coma for 3 days.

Narayanan heard the chief doctor telling his fellow doctors that an operation should be performed for Narayanan on the next day. On hearing this Narayanan told that the chief doctor would not be alive to perform the operation. As told by Narayanan the doctor died on the same night at 2 AM. From that point he gained exceptional mental powers, whatever you may call it Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or whatsoever.

Over the year Narayanan gained popularity in Astrology, Numerology and other occult practices. His popularity was not just confined to Indian sub-continent. He predicted precisely about many world events, concerning people in United States, Europe etc.

Narayanan worked in Central Marine Fisheries Institute and retired as Superintendent. While working there he practiced astrology with permission from the Institute. He was also a consulting Numerologist. He renamed 'Nucleus Software' to 'Polaris' and it became a successful company. Recently he suggested the name 'Mega TV' of K.V. Thangabalu, Tamilnadu congress party chief.

Narayanan's hobbies include Philately or Stamp Collection, Coin & Currency collection etc.

He predicted that MGR's ministry will be dissolved in TamilNadu. He told this at a Lions club meeting on 7th February, 1980. This was published in Alai oosai News Paper. As predicted MGR's cabinet was dissolved on 17th February, 1980.

Some of his popular predictions include

Narayanan predicted US president Richard Nixon will resign his position. The prediction was made on july 17, 1974 and Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974

Narayanan predicted that Jimmy Carter of US and Margaret Thatcher of UK would be elected as president and prime minister respectively. This also came true and Thatcher sent a letter Narayanan congratulating him.

During the emergency period in India Narayanan predicted Indhira Gandhi would held elections and will not get elected. This also came true.

He precisely predicted that AIADMK party would win the 2001 assembly elections in Tamilnadu with 196 seats. This interview was aired on JAYA Television Network. This prediction also came true.

On Januray 8, 1980 he wrote article on 'The Mail' newspaper with warnings about an Earh quake and loss of lives. After four days of this article a major earth quake hit Algeria and about twenty thousand died

He predicted the war between America and Iraq in the year 2002.

Narayanan also predicted the Major Tsunami that hit Indonesia and India in the year 2004.

Narayanan died on June 8, 2010. His amazing predictions makes even the scientists believe in supernatural powers of nature.

Narayanan has a surviving mother and three daughters.


leo said...

A well written article. He was a man with mystic power and premonition. He had the positive vibe in him and that positive attitude was an energy for the people who use to come to him with various problems. He was a pillar of strength for everyone and many were benefitted out his advice and predications.

emd1960 said...

I have significant involvement with his family and am also involved in compiling some important information towards a bigger goal assigned by the family to me. I have direct experience with him earlier in 1997. I will be greatly benefiting if some interesting incidents/experiences can be shared.


Anonymous said...

A very nice person with exact predictions.

Anonymous said...

Why he is only making political predictions..? There are lot of other things that affects peopl's life. I wonder why dont he predicts any natural disasters, tsunami, tremours etc... ?

Anonymous said...

the person who posted the previous comments may not be aware of nambungal narayanan he has predicted may diasters tsuname tremours , please do not post any comments like this without knowing about him he is not with us now.

venkat's page said...

Great to know about Nambungal Narayanan...

venkat's page said...

Great to know about Nambungal Narayanan.

venkat's page said...

Great to know about Nambungal Narayanan

jaichand said...

Of Late this man Nambungal Narayanan is silent. he predictions went wrong
during the last before Assembly elections that JJ will win,but Mk formed govt.

I do not know what he has Predicted for 2014 elections?

Will BJP get simple Majority?. if the elections were to be announced on Thursday or Friday then BJP will get simple majority.This what my Astrologer friend says.

Unknown said...

I had a great associations with this great man.
My watch was stolen by my plumber,and he told me to tell the plumber that iam going to special Amman temple and will get your watch in 24 hours. Next day i got my costly
Wrist watch. Then my flight bag got missed in some flight
Where i had my pilots licence ,my log book etc.
I just gave a call to him. He said it is safe in one airport in india and i will get it in 2 days. Next day i had a call from my operations department that it is in calcutta and flown to delhi and by morning flight next day ,they eill send. When i receieved my flight bag it was just half an hour before his ultimatum. He was a very great man.

Unknown said...

My name is capt.Bharathi Ramanathan,and Izm an airline Captain who flew for 37 years and now retired.

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