Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Thalai Pongal

This is my Thalai Pongal. That means first pongal festival after marriage. I celebrate this in my father-in-law's house. Usually we celebrate pongal in our Farm. We maintain some cattles and have coconut farms. So we celebrate it in our farmhouse. This year it a different pongal where is celbrate it in mettupalayam. Festivals are sweet to kids and chidren. When we are children we will anticipate pongal and deepavali weeks before. These festivals will give holidays to schools and colleges. We will get new clothings. We exchanged wishes. In those days of schools i used to send post cards for friends. This is the day of email and internet and SMS. We use SMS in most circumstances to wish our friends and relatives. As we grow older the charm of these festivals are reduced. Beacuse we have experienced it many times. They are no more enthusiatic, no more thrilling. It is just another day in our fast paced life. This year 2010 and previous year 2009 are important for me. In 2009 i got married and in 2010 i am going to become a father. New relations and new responsibilities. In professional sphere it looks positive. I am getting enough project to keep me engaged. My online ventures are also good and positive. I have created passive income systems that will generate revenues even when idle. My hardworks are finally paying off. Thank god.

Wish you all a happy pongal

Happy Pongal to All Tamil peoples

Pongal, the traditional tamil festival celebrated all over Tamilnadu. Pongal is the festival that thanks Sun as it is the primary source of life on earth. Without sun and its rays plants can not produce food. Pongal is celebrated after the farmers harvest their agriculture produce.

Here is an account of how the Pongal festival is celebrated in a typical tamil village. Pongal is celebrated on the Month of 'Thai' when sun enters makara rashi(capricorn sign) of the zodiac circle. The first day of Thai is the pongal day. The day before is celbrated as 'bogi' festival, in which the old and useless household items are put into fire. 'Kappu kattu' (kappu means secure) is done in the evening. The 'neem' leaves are kept along the walls and roof of the houses. This will eliminate the evil forces. This announces the coming of new beginning, new year, new fortunes and hopes. (Though, traditionaly tamil new year commences in the month of 'Chitra', Government of TamilNadu announced in the year 2009, to celebrate Tamil New year in the month of Thai).

Houses will be cleaned and whitewashed for the pongal festival. Women will make sweets and savories. In the morning in front of houses beautiful rangoli will be drawn by women. All members in the family will take bath and wear new clothing. They will exchange wishes with the neighbors. The celebration of pongal can be traced back to the ancient Chola and Pandya dynasties.

Next is the main event. Pongal wil be cooked with new Clay pots. With raw rice (pacharisi) Jaggiri (Vellam) Elakkai (Elaichi) are put together and boiled. When the water boils and comes out of the pot women and children will sing 'Pongalo Pongal, Pongalo Pongal'. After pongal is cooked, Padayal is performed to the Sun God and other dieties, thanking them for their help in good harvest. Newly harvested paddy, sugarcane are kept in the padayal.

The after pongal is 'mattu pongal' in which the Cows and other cattles are washed. Their horns will be beatuifully painted. Another pongal will be cooked. This is to thank the cattles for their hardwork in agriculture fields. In south india and Tamilnadu, cattles are still used to plow the fields and pull carts.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My first hundred Dollars in Adsense

My first success with Google Adsense

After more than one year of joining Google Adsense Today i reached my first Hundred Dollars with Adsense. Adsense is the contextual Advertisement program offered by Google. In this program website publishers advertise Google Ads. on their site. When a visitor click on an Advertisement, he will recieve a payment.

I am from Tamilnadu, India. I joined adsense almost an year ago. I maintain a few blogger blogs, in which i advertise with Google Adsense. The adsense payment threshold is 100 dollars. Once you reach this amount Google will pay by NEFT or local currency Check. I reached the threshold during January, 2010. I will receive payment by February 2010.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balakumar death Condolence

Balakumar, My friend karthi's brother died yesterday of Head Injury due to road accident. He met the accident 12 days ago at samalapuram when he was riding on motor cycle. He was in coma all the day at KMCH hospital, Coimbatore. He suddenly died yesterday.

May his soul rest at peace!

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