Friday, June 25, 2010

I have just joined twitter

Twitter is the popular website that helps you keep in touch with friends, current events, your favorites etc. Twitter allows you to write small messages of only a maximum of 140 characters. You follow anybody on twitter. You will received their messages whenever they write one. Anyone can follow you. Whatever you write will be immediately sent them. So like minded people can follow each other and know what they think.

I have not used twitter yet. Just today i created an account. What will i write? All personal things family, friends, coimbatore etc.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tamil Conference or DMK party Meeting?

The DMK government has once again proved their might. They stunned coimbatore by mustering a huge gathering of people from all over tamilnadu. People were pouring in from buses, cars, trucks etc. The codissia trade fair center has never seen such a huge crowd. I can account 95% of these people from DMK party members. Locals from coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode were small in number. I could see the number plates of those vehicles from as far as kanyakumari, kadalur, tuticorin, Dharmapuri etc.

Kalaignar karunanidhi innaugurated the conference today. Hon. Indian president pratibha patil was the chief guest. Hon. Tamilnadu Governer Barnala and Deputy CM Stalin were also present. The first day was not people's day. There was nothing for the general public, except the road show from VOC park to codissia which i did not attend. The fair will be open for public only tomorrow. I took some snaps of the semmozhi conference. These pictures are not so nice. But they are to be looked at.

My humble motorola's VGA camera cannot take much better pictures. I wish i had canon SLR with powerful zoom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nishant on 21-6-10

I am just back from mettupalayam. My son is now about 3 months old. One more week to complete 3 months. Now he listen well to sounds. Babies of this age should listen to sounds. He moves his head where the sound sound comes from. He focus on faces. I still wonder whether he recognize mom, dad. No idea. I read that newborn males have chance of developing hydrocele, accumulation of liquid in scrotum sac. In most babies it will disappear at about 1 year of age. If not a small operation is required, which is outpatient procedure and risk free.

He has not developed another habit. He is sucking his thumbs. Most babies start sucking thumbs even while in mother's womb. There is not much to worry about it. Babies will forget it when they are grown up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Semmozhi Tamil Conference, Coimbatore -2010

Should i need entrance pass for the Tamil Conference?

We are all set for the big conference. The biggest event ever conducted in coimbatore. I am proud of being a coimbatorean. I welcome every people from every district of Tamilnadu, every state of India, every country of world. Here are some clarification for general public regarding the Tamil conference.

How can i attend? Should i get a entrance pass / ticket?

No. You don't have to purchase any tickets. General populace can participate in the conference without any ticket. However before entering the auditorium you will checked for security reasons. This is normal. For people coming from outside facilities have been made for food, accomodation (not free!)

Where to stay? How about the accomodation?

General populace coming for the conference should arrange their own accomodation. There are plenty of lodges, hotels in and around coimbatore. In hope college and citra there are so many cheap lodges available. There are plenty of Schools and colleges in the area. Government could have made arrangements for accomodation. Right now i don't know about it.

What are programmes / schedule?

The conference spanning about  a week will hold many functions, programmes. 400 Internet experts are attending the conference from all over the world. There will be 124 stalls from both government and private. The Central Minister for Textiles will inaugurate the Stalls on 24th June. On 24th Internet conference will be held. The themes include Electronic Governance, Tamil Hardware, Tamil Software, Tamil Multimedia, Internet Education, Wikipedia etc. Wipro, HCL, Microsoft and other software giants participates. One lac Tamil Unicode software CD will be distributed for free. 

How to get to codissia?

The conference is held at Codissia, Trade Fair complex, Avinashi Road (NH-47), The nearest landmarks are Coimbatore Medical College (CMC), Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), Government Polytechnic (GPT), Krishnammal School. From Gandhipuram the distance is about 8 kilometers. I have given below the Google map for the location.

View Larger Map

Friday, June 18, 2010

Opencart - Easy to install Shopping cart

This week i have completed the installation of my online shopping cart opencart. I have planned to sell books online using . Last monday i registered a domain with Right now i am selling only tamil books. I am negotiating with publishers to market their publications. It is easy to do online business, especially retails selling of tangible goods. With opencart it is easy to setup a website with shopping cart, online payment with credit/debit card etc.

Contact me if you are interested in setting up e-commerce website with opencart. email:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have launched Online Book shop for Tamil Books

The idea was a spark. I have some talent, knowledge of online industry especially e-commerce. Why not i use that talent to create a new business model. With the growth of internet most people purchase goods and services online. I considered many things and finally concluded to open online book shop. Sales of any tangible goods require substantial investment. But i can not invest that much. I will do the marketing part. Get the orders online and the book publishers will fulfill their orders.

I will do my marketing part by hosting website, Cataloging books from various publishers, and making arrangements for online payments using credit card, net banking.

Of course, this is not a new business model as there are numerous e-commerce sites like e-bay, amazon etc. But Indian people are not much used to it. But there is a huge potential in the near future. Please take a look at my site. and give your comments.

Currently i have plan to cater the needs of Tamil people only. That means i will be selling only Tamil books. In future i may decide to cater others as well. Right now i have arrangements for paying online using Credit/Debit card in Paypal. This is a simple and secure way to pay online. I just registered my domain the day before yesterday. I use opencart - an opensource shopping cart application. Here is the snapshot of the site,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Classical Tamil Conference, Coimbatore -2010

The world classical Tamil Conference starts on 23rd june, 2010. The conference will held at codissia trade fair center, Avinashi Road, Codissia. The place was selected due to its strategic location near SITRA, Airport. The Airport is only about 5 kilo meters from the codissia trade fair complex. It is also near National Highways 47. The Coimbatore City, Gandhipuram and Townhall are only about 10 kms from codissia. Here is the Google map representing the place. How to reach codissia? From Coimbatore you can take bus. There are frequent corporation buses available to codissia. Or you can take auto or Taxi.

A theme song for the classical Tamil Language conference was released by Government of Tamilnadu. The Tamilnadu chief minister kalaignar karunanidhi wrote the lyrics. The popular music director A.R.Rahman composed the music. Populars singers like T.M.Soundararajan sang the song. Below i have given the download link for the themes song. Videos can be viewed on youtube. The Audio MP3 is about 13 MB in size.
Semmozhi World Classical Tamil Theme song

The semmozhi Theme song Video

The Government of Tamilnadu has announced holidays for schools and colleges during the conference.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nishant on 6-6-10

Sucking his thumbs

Most infants start sucking their thumbs at this stage. This is the only play available to them. My son is also putting his hands and fingers into his mouth. It is so cute to watch while he was helping with one hand to put another hand into mouth. How to prevent this habit? We don't know how to. We just wrap around his hand with a cloth. It is annoying for him. He cries when he was not able to put his fingers in mouth. I think he associated thumb sucking with hunger and milk feeding. Whenever he feels hungry he sucks finger.

As usual i have uploaded this month's photos. He is now more than two months old.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mithra's Marriage

After uncle and aunt's death their two daughters were completely orphaned. College going mithra discontinued college and stayed at home. It is now more that 6 months after uncle's death and his younger daughter is married today. It is the effort of minnakadu mani that culminated in this marriage. The groom is our relative named palanisami. The physical compatibility is good. In terms of money and wealth both are matched. We did not match horoscope. Just obeyed the God's will by asking red flower.

The marriage took place at our kula theivam temple at kadaiyur near kangeyam. The newly married couple are just home. I wish them a great married life. I wish them all prosperity and success. I wish them a healthy and disease free life. I wish them good and virtuous children. May my lord Sri Ragavendra and Sri Hari Narayana protect them from all mishaps and helps them in their struggle.

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