Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nishant on 17.7.10

This sunday i reached mettupalayam at 2 pm. We had fish fry before lunch. For lunch we had fish kulambu. Then i played with nishant. In the evening sivakumar, ranganayaki, tamilarasi and children came. They went home shortly. In the evening we went to purchase teether for nishant. At night we had idly and slept.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our new home

From the next month onwards we will be living in another house, a newly built home adjacent to our current home. Last week the site was purchased at Rs. 58000 per cent. Today we completed the bhoomi bhooja in this site. The small house will have one kitchen, one bedroom and one hall. The kitchen and bedroom are 10 feet length and breath. The hall is 10 feet width and 20 feet wide.

I am going to occupy the house the next month when my wife returns from her mothers home with my kid. He is now 4 months old and started crawling on knees.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ramana Maharshi - Trip to Tiruvannamalai

Ashrama at Tiruvannamalai

On 8th july, 2010 we made a trip to thiruvannamalai, the hindu holy place of lord shiva. This is one of the panch boodha sthala or the place that represents the element Fire (Agni). Bharathi and me boarded the bus at karumathampatti. We took few parottas as dinner and got the bus to Salem at 10 pm. We reached salem at about 1.15 am (Friday). After having a cup of tea we boarded the bus to Tiruvannamalai. The bus started at about 2 am. At about 5.30 we reached Tiruvannamalai.

The holy place where ramana maharshi attained his maha nirvana, the place where the supreme lord Siva blesses thousands of people in the temple, welcomed us. Thangaraj came to the bus stand and picked us up. In tirivannamalai we still get tea at Rs. 4 per cup. In coimbatore it is 5 rupees. We reached the ashrama. Thangaraj introduced us to swami chetanananda who looks after the Thiruneer Annamalaiyar Trust. The trust was founded by a Tirupur based business man. The trust offers Annadhana (food donation) on full moon days. Swami chetanananda was good at cooking. He prepared the morning breakfast for us. We had dosa and uppuma as breakfast. Swami spoke about sanyasa, philosophy and more. The at 11 am we went to Ramanasrama to meet the president. I wish to sell ramanasrama books on my website In this regard we met the president Mr. Mani. He was an elder person. He asked us to give a letter in this regard. He also asked us to take the prasada that would be available soon to guests. We had the prasada food. It was sambar, keerai, rasam and curd. Then we went to a nearby browsing center to prepare the letter. We submitted the letter and the president assured us that he would look in to the matter. We returned to Ashrama. Then bharathi and me went to the Arunachala Temple. The temple was big and was built by Krishnadevaraya of Vijaya nagara empire. Bharathi offered ghee lighting to goddess unnamulai. He was eager to get married. He could not find a bride for him. We returned to the ashrama. I forgot one thing. In the afternoon we went to meet aruna, the mentally ill girl, my aunt's daughter is staying there at a home for mentally challenged. We met her, gave her buscuits. The poor girl lost both of her parents within past 6 months. May god protect her.

We slept at 10 pm. The next morning we will depart to home.

We returned on 10 july, 2010. We catched the bus to salem at 10 am. Thangarj gave us send off. We bade him good bye and boarded the bus. The route from tiruvannamalai was Chengam, Singarapettai, Uthangarai , Harur and salem. We reached salem at about 1.30. We had lunch at the nearest hotel and got the coimbatore bus. We reached karumathampatti at 6 pm.

For those wishing to stay at tiruvannamalai in a peaceful place near girivala road this is the place and address

Thiruneer Annamalaiyar Trust
Aham Road,
Tiruvannamalai - 606 604
Tamilnadu - South India
Mr. S. Chinnusamy, 91-94431 39709
Swami Chetanananda, 91-96775 31522

You don't have to pay anything to stay. You can donate money if you wish. The picture are taken at ramanasrama, where maharshi rama lived and taught people.

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