Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visit to maruthamalai

Today i paid a visit to lord muruga at maruthamalai. I reached the hill at 1 pm by bike. I found that the temple would be opened only by 2 pm. I visited pampatti sidhar temple. I paid 100 rupee toward donation&charity. I visit the lord at 2 pm and returned . On the way i surprisingly met my old friend prabhakaran near bharathiar university. I had seen him 10 years before. Although i used to contact him by mail/chat it was a surprise to meet him in-person. He had spent one year in korea for his post-doctoral research. We talked about our golden memories and had lunch at mtp road, annapoorna. I left him at aravind eye hospital and reached kpatti.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sivakumar constructs new house

Today morning 10.30 we made boomi pooja for the construction of new house for sivakumar. Here you can find some pictures taken on the site.

The search for mithra

On the night of 23rd jan. 2009 i got the news mithra was missing. I went to aunt's house at kpatty along with amma. There assembled Ravi mama, MGPalayam Mama and balu annan. We started our search by going upto mgpalayam mama house. There we found no clue of her whereabouts. We then returned and discussed various possibilites. Actually she returned from school at 6 pm and went to somanur bus stand by auto. She vanished from there and nobody could tell about her. We spent a sleepless night. Next morning we enquired at somanur bus stand. I asked venkat about her horoscope. He analyzed it and told that she would be going on northern direction and by bus/train. and assured we would get news before 12 pm. sivakumar wanted to intensify search and send moorthy and prakash to coimbatore. I called on studio kumar and along with him went to make copies of her photograph. At 11.40 am i got the news she was found at somanur bus stand. Nadu mill chinna thangam, muthusamy and sundara maman brought her to home. I went home and at 4 pm went to karpaga vinayaka. New system was assembled and powered up. Softwares loaded and fixed. At 9.30 kumar came. We had dinner and some vodka there. I returned home at 11.00pm.

The brides family

Priyas family visited my house on Friday. I had invited Venkat astro, superauto palanisamy, studio kumar, krishna and muthu. They came at 10 am. They visited our farms and plantations. Then they talked about dates for the marriage ceremony. Venkat fixed dates at 28th may and 4th june. I talked with priya that day. She said it was ok for her to marry me. We went to coimbatore that afternoon to purchase system for karpaga vinayaka printers. While returning venkat and krishna had vodka. I refused to take it. kumar also refused. We returned home at 8.30 pm. Venkat and super went by omni. Kumar and krishna went by bike. I returned home and found that mithra, my aunts daughter was missing and not yet returned from school.

Astroguru at koduvai

On thursday i went to koduvai along with krishna. We reached there at 12 pm. We installed astro softwares at R&D mobiles, koduvai and collected 1300. We returned to somanur. I dropped krishna at kpatty and went to somanur. At Raghu dental i had a tooth cleaning. It costed around 600 rupees. At kumars house that night, i had bruises in the leg as i slipped down into a ditch. I returned home at 10.30 pm.

Wedding events

on wednesday 26th january 2009 we went to mettupalayam to see the bride and their parents. babu, vani, sivakumar and me went by indica. We reached there by 10.30 AM. We had coffee and met priya. She was very shy when i spoke to her. I asked her only few questions. I think only two questions. She gave short answers like yes/no. She was a bit shorter than me. Finally we told them that we would call back later that day and we parted. On the way we attend Vadivels brides home at cholakattupalayam. We had tiffin there. We returned home. In the evening i went to avinashi kalvi nilayam and installed network printer and fixed problems. A new keyboard mouse needed. At kpatty i went to meenakshi textiles to fix Reliance inet problem. Referred by muthu. I went home at 6 pm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All set to visit the bride

Today morning i went to cellcorner and installed broadband internet. I had planned to visit palladam. Krishna came at 10.30 am and at 11.30 we started to palladam. On the way, at somanur we visited kumar in his photo studio. I told him about the bride which we would visit on the next day. Kumar had some friends at mettupalayam. He instantly phoned him and enquired about the bride and got her office telephone number. I spoke with her at 2.30 pm. She was not talkative and spoke less. She just answered a few questions asked by me. I was a little bit disappointed. I also learned the she did not see my photograph. But, i had received her photograph 3 days before and found her ok for me. My family members also agreed with me. I dont know what will happen tomorrow. After that we went to palladam. On the way we purchased some dress materials for me two shirts and 1 pant suzlon make. At thangavels center it took us some 3 hours to fix the problems. We returned at 7.30. At somanur we purchased a pair of chappals for me. I dropped krishna at kpatty and returned home. Thus iam all set to visit her tomorrow.

I publish her photograph and mine here, and leave it to viewer to decide whether we are made for each other.

sunday, monday events

Sunday afternoon i went to rajkumars home. I found him went outside to have a haircut. Krishna and kids were watching TV in the hall. They were watching Tom & jerry which we brought from chennai burma bazaar. After a while kumar came home. We had Mushroom briyani for lunch. After that we went upstairs. Kumar took some people code lessons in the afternoon.
I forgot to tell an important thing. My horoscope was matched against a bride at mettupalayam and found matching. So brides relative was visiting my house on that day. Brother babu called me at 3 pm and told that i should be at home at 5 pm. So i bade good bye to rk & family and returned home promptly at 5.30. After a while brides relatives came home. They stayed at my home for two hours. Then they departed.

Monday morning i went to coimbatore along with krishna and Venkat the astrologer. We undertake some marketing campaign for our astro products. We secured an order at arundhathi matrimonials, 100 ft road, coimbatore. The we went to A-one matrimony and collected Rs.2000/- from appaji. Krishna then took bus to avinashi. A went along with venkat to karanampet. Superauto palanisamy also came. He had arrangements with some guy to take a bank loan. In this regard we went to podhanur at 8.30 pm and paid Rs.5000 to some guy unknown to me. Venkat and me reached Kangeyampalayam at 9.30 pm we tried for some airforce stuff. But there were no stock as pongal celebration exhausted all stock. We returned home with some disappointment.

In the image you could see hariharan on left and rajkumar on right, taken at rk's home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Home front

I reached home on 15-1-2009 to know that babu admitted at GKNM hospital. I went to hospital at 10 am along with barathi. Doctor suggested for 24 hour ECG monitoring. accordingly the monitor was fixed and i stayed there in the night. Next day ie today i returned home and slept for some time. I went to kpatty in the evening. There i find India today subscription 1st and 2nd issue arrived. dated 12 and 19 jan respectively.
Meanwhile they have fixed an alliance for me. the bride was a mettupalayam resident with MBA and B.Com. We have planned a visit to her home on coming Wednesday. Vadivelu is also visiting her bride that day. Hope it will be a smother ceremony. I should attend lord muruga at maruthamalai soon.

Back from chennai

I spent a week at chennai. We stayed at Velachery, kishores house till friday. He gave us some lessons in peoplesoft, Application designer and SQR was introduced. We got bored staying at home all the day. Friday morning (9-jan-2009) we went to RKs home at thiruvanmiyur. We had lunch together. OIL companies had gone on strike that day. All petrol pumps were running dry. The next day RK and me went to attend his interviews. We went to Cognizant first and then to infosys. He was hopeful about the result that would be informed two weeks later. In the evening we went to Annual function of birlasoft. We watched the programs and later had buffet dinner. Next day Venkat astro came to chennai. Gopal dropped him at home. We went to eliot beach that afternoon. Four of us had lunch at RKs home. In the evening i treated him with quarter vodka. We ate at hotchips and returned home. Next day we gone for marketing. We there stared First we went to TNagar Abcmatrimony. The owner was not there. Then adidravidar matrimony. Then we went to mylapore met mylai myuravalli and met geethasekar. No sales was achieved on that day. We went to burma bazar by train. Then we reached home. Gounder had a vodka that night and we at at a hotel near the home. Next day we went to vadapalani and met your choice detective. at arcot road. He asked us to develope a website. Then we went to RMT matrimony and gave them a demo. A lady and girl were present. We returned home and went to ascendas at 5 pm. RK and kishore were there we ate at KFC and took photographs. Gounder took bus accopanied by krishna. He is going home that day for gopals sake. Later RK and me reached home. Next day was pongal festival . we took mangalore express at 5 pm. Since two tickets were upto salem only RK and krishna took bus from salem and i traveled upto tirupur. I reached avinashi at 1 am and stayed at RKs home.

Monday, January 5, 2009

In chennai

We reached chennai at 1pm rk and kishore received us. We are late by two hours as we changed our train at salem as our ticket was not confirmed. I write this post through my moto w388 at kishores house

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am leaving for chennai tomorrow. I had borrowed rs.1000 from ponnusamy yesterday.I repaid the money today. Bharathi met me at home and gave 2000. Out of this 1000 is my money, he asked me to keep another 1000 until he ask for. Afternoon i went to kumars studio he also repaid 500 that he borrowed last week. Tomorrow i need to goto CSB and pay 1850 for splendor due. There are 4 more dues to go inclusive of this month.(JAN)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Trip to chennai planned today

Today we have planned to goto chennai and stay there for a week. Peoplesoft training will be provided by kishore there. Probably we will leave monday morning. RK is leaving for chennai on sunday night.

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