Saturday, January 24, 2009

The search for mithra

On the night of 23rd jan. 2009 i got the news mithra was missing. I went to aunt's house at kpatty along with amma. There assembled Ravi mama, MGPalayam Mama and balu annan. We started our search by going upto mgpalayam mama house. There we found no clue of her whereabouts. We then returned and discussed various possibilites. Actually she returned from school at 6 pm and went to somanur bus stand by auto. She vanished from there and nobody could tell about her. We spent a sleepless night. Next morning we enquired at somanur bus stand. I asked venkat about her horoscope. He analyzed it and told that she would be going on northern direction and by bus/train. and assured we would get news before 12 pm. sivakumar wanted to intensify search and send moorthy and prakash to coimbatore. I called on studio kumar and along with him went to make copies of her photograph. At 11.40 am i got the news she was found at somanur bus stand. Nadu mill chinna thangam, muthusamy and sundara maman brought her to home. I went home and at 4 pm went to karpaga vinayaka. New system was assembled and powered up. Softwares loaded and fixed. At 9.30 kumar came. We had dinner and some vodka there. I returned home at 11.00pm.

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