Saturday, January 24, 2009

The brides family

Priyas family visited my house on Friday. I had invited Venkat astro, superauto palanisamy, studio kumar, krishna and muthu. They came at 10 am. They visited our farms and plantations. Then they talked about dates for the marriage ceremony. Venkat fixed dates at 28th may and 4th june. I talked with priya that day. She said it was ok for her to marry me. We went to coimbatore that afternoon to purchase system for karpaga vinayaka printers. While returning venkat and krishna had vodka. I refused to take it. kumar also refused. We returned home at 8.30 pm. Venkat and super went by omni. Kumar and krishna went by bike. I returned home and found that mithra, my aunts daughter was missing and not yet returned from school.

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