Friday, October 15, 2010

Ayutha pooja celebrated Today

Today we celebrate the Saraswathi Pooja and Ayuthapooja. Vijayadasami is the day on which the Goddess killed the demon mahishasura. Saraswathi is the Godess of Wisdom. So in this day school and college students will pray saraswathi with their study books. New courses are started on this day.

In companies, factories and workshop this day is celebrated as Ayutha pooja. Ayutha means weapon. So the working people want the grace of Godess and put their tools before the godess and pray for good fortunes. Today we celebrated this pooja in my brother's workshop. In my browsing center i have not yet celebrated ayuthapooja. I have planned to do it in the evening.

Happiest are those olden days when i was young boy. There will be expectations about the pooja holidays and forthcoming deepawali celebrations. After Saraswathi Pooja Diwali will soon come in about two weeks. So there is much joy among boys about the holidays. On the day of pooja morning we will collect flowers from nearby flower trees and will make Poo Maalai. Mango leaves will be put together and tied in front of doors. Preparation of Sundal is essential part of Pooja. Pori Kadalai is another essential ingredient of the Pooja items. We will wash two wheelers, fathers moped our cycles and decorate it with flowers and kumkum. The joy of Pooja will last for two days. After holidays we have to go to school. It is not a happy thing. But we know that diwali will come soon. With that thought in mind we can easily manage the next two weeks.

I am now a grown up man with wife and a child. I am no longer bothered by these celebrations. Pooja is just another day in my life. Diwali too does not interest me anymore. Apart from leave from work and oil bathing nothing is interesting about it.

This is because in the old days good meals, new clothing and sweets are rare. But nowadays these are common things. Purchasing of people has increased. People can get anything anytime now.

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