Monday, July 27, 2009

Error 734 with Aircel and Airtel PPP Dial-up connection

Dear Aircel and Airtel Friends,

Aircel now offers Pocket Internet via GPRS. Airtel offered this service long before. In order to access the internet through you aricel mobile you need to activate gprs on your mobile first. To activate from prepaid aircel mobile you have to send sms as GPRSACT to 2567. It will typically activated within a day. Once it is activated you can browse through your phones WAP/HTML browser.

To browse using your PC you have to connect your phone by serial data cable. You have install the phone modem using the CD provided by your phone manufacturer. For Nokia phone PC suite installation will done this.

Then go to control panel in windows. Open Network connections and click 'Create a new connection'. Follow the directions as prompted. You have to give blank user name and password. The dialup phone number is *99***1#

Congrats! You have finished your new connection. Open the connection and click dial. If you are lucky you will be connected to internet. Other wise you will get Error 734 or other errors.

I get 734 error the first time i connect to the internet with my motorola w388. I called up the customer support and the guy asked me several irrelevant questions like whether i activated the internet? whether i could browse through my phone?
I am a computer geek setting up several windows computers everyday. I know each nuke and corner of the windows networking and OSI Network Layers and other system internals. The guy, after several questions offered me solution by giving an extra initialization string that should be typed in modem properties page. I give it and dialed. To my surprise i was connected to the internet. But the initialization string had nothing to do with my connection. (I have give the string in another article).

Error 734: The PPP Link Control Protocol Was Terminated on aircel network was caused by aircel. Try again after some time. If you are able to browse through your phone you be connected via PC. If you get 'network down' or other errors on your phone you will get error 734 when you try with your PC. This is as simple as that.

Microsoft's solution for this problem can be found at the knowledge base article by clicking here

Sunday, July 26, 2009

KonguNadu Munnettra kazhagam Manavarani Manadu

Kongunadu Munnettra Kazhaka first state students conference was held at Hindustan college, coimbatore. Best Ramasamy stressed on education for Kongu caste students. He advised the kongu boys and girls to take competitive exams for IAS and IPS. He told out of 12,80,000 government servants in tamilnadu there are only one collector and one police superintendant from Gounder community. Kongu people make one third population in 32 districts. He stressed that at least in 10 districts the collectors should be from kongu community.

Kalvi malar was released by Best ramasamy and received by Mr. Devarajan

Kargil war's 10th year victory celebration

Yesterday the country celebrated the victory of Kargil. Pakistan forces maliciously entered the Indian side of the International boundry during Musharaf regime. The BJP government headed by atal bihari vajpayee took swift actions to fight off the pak army intruders. About 13 peaks Including the strategic Tiger Hills, Tolo ling pass, Drass were captured by the pak forces. The infamous bofors howitzers purchased by the previous congress government were used for the first time in karkil war. The cauality rate was high on the indian side. George Fernandes, then Defence Minister of India personally visited the war zone and encouraged the soldiers and officers.

The 10th anniversary of this glorious victory was celebrated yesterday. Prime minister Manmohan singh, Defence minister Antony, Naval chief Admiral suresh metha and many participated in the ceremony.

Aadi purchase done

Yesterday (sunday) we did our Aadi purchase of garments. The Big bazaar street was crowded with people purchasing garments for the festival. The big players 'The chennai Silks', 'Ganapathy Silks' are the prominent players in Big Bazaar street. One of the problems with these shops are the lack of parking space for cars. Ganapathy silks offers free parking space near townhall. From townhall signall toward ukkadam go 100 meters and on the right side you can find the parking lot for Ganapathy silks. When we entered the shop it was medium crowded at 5 pm. First we went to the men's readymade at 5th floor. The aadi offer was 3 shirts at rupees 999. The shirts were branded like otto and peter england. We selected 3 offer shirts first. Then we went inside to view the shelfs with 10% discounts. There we selected 5 shirts ranging from 300-350 rupees. Then we went to select matching pant. We selected 6 pants of cotton and tericotton cloths. We paid through my VISA Debit card (both debit & credit cards accepted). The on the ground floor we took two sarees. We altered the pants in the tailoring section below and we returned to mettupalayam. According to me these companies make good advertisement and the offer and discount are mere eyewash and nothing special than ordinary.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Authenticiy and correctness of Indian Astrology

Many sceptics have arguments against astrology and its validity. I am not practicing western astrology and i have no idea about it. But Indian astrology have its roots to the ancient gyanis who discovered the distant planets and calculated their longitudes and other characteristics through their dhivya dhristis. Jyothish guru brihat parashara, jaimini have left us with unvaluable literature on jyotish. These books teach us on various concepts of astrology and horoscope charts, Yogas and dashas. Astrologers in modern india like K.N.Rao and Krishnamurthy offered pinpoint predictions which further enhance the validity of this ancient science.

Rahu dasha is proving bad for me. Rahu is placed at simha(Leo) which is a debiliation sign for Rahu along with saturn. Thus i have been suffering physically and mentally for the past many years. Also kala sarap dosha present in my horoscope and it bad effect are being experienced by me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tamil Baby names list for hindu girl baby

Here is the list of Hindu tamil girl baby names in Tamil. Previously i posted names for Tamil boy baby for Hindu religion. Now i made it for female Tamil Hindu babies. As for boys i provided compressed zip files for each nakshatra. Below is the list for 27 nakshatras. Obviously these are numerology compliant names for each nakshatra. So your girl will have every success and prosperous in life. God bless the child. Thank you for downloading!

Important: You need Tamil Font Mylai sri to display the Html pages properly. You can download the font here

1. Anusham Nakshatra

2. Ashwini Nakshatra

3. Avittam Nakshatra

4. Aayiyam Nakshatra

5. Bharani Nakshatra

6. Chithirai nakshatra

7. Hastham nashatra

8. karthikai nashathra

9. Kettai nakshatra

10. Maham nakshathra

11. Moolam nakshatra

12. Mrigasirish nakshatra

13. Pooradam Nakshatra

14. Pooram Nakshatra

15. Pooratathi naksathra

16. Poosam natchathra

17. Punarpoosam naksatra

18. Revathi nakshatra

19. Rohini nakshatra

20. Sathayam nakshatra

21. swathi nakshatra

22. Thiruvathirai nakshatra

23. Thiruvonam nakshatra

24. Uthiradam nakshatra

25. Uthiram Nakshatra

26. Uthiratathi nakshatra

27. Visakam nakshatra

Enjoy the free baby names that are star based and designed for the babies horoscope. Download name list for free!

For astrology consultation

Call: 0 98422 84426

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tsunami and solar eclipse

There will be full solar eclipse (surya grahan) tomorrow. This eclipse is one of the lengthiest in the century and visible in most parts of asia includind India. There is a fear that due to eclipse there will be tsunami in Indian Ocean. But there is no scientific reason behind this belief. So we can safely ignore them as rumours. It is a truth that tidal forces are affected by moon gravitation. So we see dramatic change in tidal wave pattern during full moon and no moon.

The eclipse starts at 5.28 AM and ends at 10.42 AM. The timing may vary to different places. In chennai the maximum eclipse will be at 06.21 and eclipse completes at 07.18 AM.

The surya grahan should not be seen with naked eyes as it may damage retina. The sun's UV rays will be maximum during an eclipse. So it is advisible not to see the eclipse even with sun glasses or mirrors. There is belief that pregnant ladies will be affected by eclipse. So stay at home during the eclipse. There is also beliefs that food should not taken during eclipse as it may be poisoned by sun. So avoid taking food.

A lunar eclipse is not as bad as solar

Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 porutham, sevvai dosham in my new blog

You can find detailed information on pathu porutham for marraige match and chevvai dosham (manglik / guja dosha) and other astrology article and horoscope predictions etc. in my new astrologyatoz blog

pathu porutham

sevvai dosham

Probably this is my last post on this blog regarding astrology.

Google hot trends - Where india is going?

Google hot trends reflect what internet users are searching for. I periodically visit the trends page to know the peoples mind.

According to me internet is misused in india. Most of the trends indicate people are looking for film songs, movies and look for porn and sex videos and songs about film stars.

For example in todays trends 'josh songs download', 'josh audio', 'josh telugu movie', 'josh mp3 free download', 'josh telugu mp3 songs' were the prominent search keywords.

This indicates telugu film songs are most sought after in India. In sex, porn and film actress searches 'sexvedio', 'meghna naidu hot', 'manisha koirala blue film', 'tamil mallu hot', 'namitha hot videos', 'shakila blue film'

Apart from this college and university results, competitive exam results come next.

Indian railways is always hot on google, it gets millions of hits a day. Seasonal trends include solar eclipse 2009 that would take place on july 22 and visible in many parts of India.

Indian surfers also use the inernet for job searches. Job search accounts for about 10 percent of internet searches.

I will be back

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aadi - All festivals start with Aadi

The Tamil Month Aadi has started. Day before yesterday was Aadi 1. 'Aadi Velli' or First friday of Aadi month is celebrated here. We went to Angalamman temple in muthugounder pudur. Then we went to Thangamman Temple at arasur. It is kula theivam for Gounder's Kadai koottam. My maternal uncles belong to kaadai kootam. So they sponsored anna thanam on that day at Thangamman temple.

With aadi all festivals start. Aadi is identified with rivers and flowing with rainfall and all water sources like dams and ponds filled and overflowing. As the aadi begins the siruvani and Pillur dams filled with water and dams, check dams in pollachi and western catchment area are filled. Aaliyar dam, akkamalai check dam are filled with monsoon rainfall. Kerala experienced late rainfall this year, so tamilnadu too got its water late.

Aadi is not good for newly married couple. In those days the wife will be separated from husband and taken to her mother's house. This is done in order to prevent conception / pregnancy occur during this month. If it takes place child birth will occur during the hot summer month of panguni/chithirai. This is the reason behind this old custom of separating couples.

For me, this aadi is special as this is my first festival after marriage (like thalai deepavali this is thalai aadi). My father-in-law and mother-in-law came home and invited us for the festival.

Actually aadi perukku / 18th perukku is celebrated on 18th day of aadi. This day is especially celebrated along the banks of kaveri and other major rivers. The festival is colorful and amusing for those in Trichy, Tanjore areas.

There are other festivals like diwali, vijayadasami, pongal follwing aadi.

I wish every one advance aadi greetings. Happy aadi, happy diwali, happy pongal

Mouth ulcer what is the cause and remedy

I frequently get mouth ulcers. I don't use cigarettes, pan or chewing gum. I don't eat chocolates regularly. Then why should I get this menace at a regular interval.

Readers digest 9th sweepstakes

Yesterday i recieved a letter from Reader's digest magazine. I was puzzled how they found my address. Later i understand that Reader's digest is published in India by India Today Group to which i was a subscriber.

In the letter i found attractive offer for a sweepstakes entry which could win me about 3 million rupees. They told that my name was selected by country wide computer selection process.

They asked me to send the three pink entry tickets in the return envelope in order to eligible for the sweepstakes in the coming months. They also gave subscription for readers digest one year at 449 rupees instead of regular 750.

There is confirmed three surprise gifts for subscription and a chance to win a car using the car flyer coupon.

I have already read the magazine and it is surely entertaining and engaging.

Ok. I will send the reply envelope by mail and wait for my luck.

Who knows? I may win 3 million and my debts will be nothing then.

Here is the prize list

Super premier cash prize - Rs. 2600000

Early reply bonus in cash - Rs. 400000

First prize in cash - Rs. 200000

Second prize in cash - Rs. 100000

Other pegasus prizes - 3620 Pegasus prizes worth Rs. 68,16,200

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Career / jobs in Indian Army, Navy, Air force

The Indian army is fourth largest Army in the world. The army has about 10 lakh soldiers and NCOs and about a lakh of commissioned officer. The Indian army provides various careers for different educational background and age group. There are jobs for almost any education.

If you are BA/BSC or other arts group degree you can join as an officer in the Infantry. You will be leading tanks in the front.

If you are BE/B.Tech You can opt for a career in Engineering like signals/Electricals/Electronics/Communications/Maintenance

If you are lawyer/advocate with BL/ML/LLB you can find a career in LAW.

If you are an accountant with BCom/Mcom/CA/ICWA there is a job in accounts and logistics Division

For MBBS doctors there are vacncies in Army Medical corps.

For BDS dentists there are jobs

For BVSc or vets there are jobs in Vetenary.

For Agricultural students Indian Army offer jobs in Fields.

For those Did not attend any college, army will recruit you as proud soliders of the nation.

The premier institution of Defence training is the National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune. The recruitment procudure is the strignent and rigorous. For 10+2 candidates entance examination will be conducted. (I think in July/August). You have to clear the entrance and join the NDA as a cadet. You have to complete a 3 year degree in arts/science along with military training. At the end of the training you will be commssioned officer with the rank of leiteunant. Every year thousand of candidates appear for the NDA entrance and only a handful get selected. After clearing the entrance you have appear for the Group Discussion/Group Tasks which last for 4-5 days. There will be personal interview in the end.

Other option for officer entry is after completing a degree in arts/science you will appear for an entrance examination conducted by UPSC. For those clearing the entrance Group Test will be conducted at Bhopal/Bangalore/Allahabad. If you clear the tests and final interview you will be admitted into Indian Military Academy, Deharadun for Military training. The training will last for one and half years. After successful completion of the training you will be commissioned as an offier.

For those who want a short carrier in the Army you can join as SSC (Short service Commission) offier. After 5 years either you can opt to continue or get discharged.

For the position of soldiers/jawans you can approach the regional recruitment officers. Recruitment rally is conducted regularly for the selection of soldiers in General duty.

Indian Army offers a rewarding of adventurous career for the brave young men. Army offers good compensation and perks, free lodging/accomodation, free travel, free rations for self and spouse.

Women are actively seeking careers in army as the Indian Army opened gates for women few years ago by short servcie commission for women.

Women are now allowed to fly figher jets in Indian Airforce.

Airfoce and Navy too offer similar careers for men and women.

If you are SSLC/HSC you can join the Airfoce as Airman by clearing the entrance and physical test. Navy offers job as sailor.

Tally and other computer coachings

We provide training on various software packages, Windows and Internet, Sofware programming languages. DTP and Graphics courses in Photoshop, Corel Draw, page maker.
We also give coaching in Accounting software Tally. Tally is widely is in almost all companies and accountants. There are lot of potential for Tally trained candidates in Coimbatore and Tirupur. So i encourage you to take a course in Tally and Data Entry. This ensures and immediate job for you. There are number of good employers looking for a smart candidate like you.

A course in DTP ensures a job in priting and publishing companies. If you are creative and good at art you can get a job in Designing (Especially in Tirupur Garments sector)

We also guide college and university students for their academic projects in computer subject. We help students from BSC, BCA, MSC, MCA, BE, BCOM for their final year project work. Project are available in different languages like C, C++, JAVA, VB, .NET, ASP, ORACLE, SQL, PHP/MySql.

There are projects in Application and System side with database like SQL Server / Oracle. We give unique projects with full support and documentation. Discounts also available.

We also develop software packages for industries. You can become our partner by selling our software products and earn hansome commission.

Our Training/Development center is located in Karumathampatty, Coimbatore.

You can contact us by: 98422 84426

How to connect your PC to internet VIA Aircel GPRS?

Aircel customers can now connect to the internet and browse using the

Aricel mobile connection. I am a Aircel Tamilnadu, prepaid subscriber

and my GPRS has been activated. There are now two attractive offers to

internet subscription. Rs. 14 ERC gives 3 days of unlimited inernet.

Rs. 98 ERC gives one month full unlimited internet. Once the GPRS is

activated you can browse through your mobile.

You want to browse in your Computer via GPRS? You can connect your

mobile to pc VIA Data cable / Bluetooth. In either case you need to

install modem for you phone.

Your phone CD will provide installation setup. For example my Motorolla

w388 doesnot have a setup program. They have given Drivers files in

phone memory. Once i connect the Data cable the phone asks whether it

should be connected as storage device. If you click yes, it will add a

removable storage like e:, f:, or g:. If you click No it will be

connected as modem.

Then i need to install modem using control panel. I don't auto detect

the modem. I install standard 28Kbps modem on the available com port.

Now create a Network connection:

We need to create Dial-up network connection in windows to connect to

aircel GPRS. Again go to control panel -> Network connections. Click

'Create New Network connection'.

Select Connect to internet and click Next.

Select Setup my connection Manually click Next

Select Connect Using a Dial-up Modem click Next

Select You Phone modem click Next

Provide ISP Name (For example: aircel) click Next

Enter the phone number *99***1# (for Aircel) Click Next

Leave username and password blank click Next

click Finish.

Now open the new dial-up connection and click Dial.

You should now connect to internet via aircel GPRS

For some phones extra initialization commands are required.

My model was Motorola w388. I successfully installed modem and when i

connect i got Error 734: PPP Link Protocol terminated.

When i called the customer care they gave me the solution. He asked me

to enter the following initialization command in Modem Properties ->

Advanced Tab.


The speed i get was 38.4 kbps. This is below dial-up standards and

todays webpages require more bandwidth than the dial-up days. This is

and alternate to regular internet connection and used in emergencies

when you broadband connection / ISP is down.

Airtel offered GPRS many years ago and its technology is

evolved/matured comparig aircel GPRS. Still the speed is limited by the

GPRS technology. We hope 3G will completely replace GPRS in coming


For any assistance/help installing Aircel/Airtel GPRS Call 98422 84426.

i am glad to help you.

Type exactly as above or copy paste.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New blog for astrology

I am happy to announce my readers that i have started a separate blog for astrology, Astrology A to Z that covers everything about Indian classical astrology. The history of astrology in India, Various authors or sages contributed to astrology like parashara, jaimini, birighu and more, various branches like Traditional (Vedic), KP (Prasna), Jaimini and Lal Kitab.

Various concepts of a horoscope (jathaka) like lagna / ascendant, moon sign / rashi, 12 houses, 27 nakshatras, vimshottari dasha system for prediction, gochara / transit of planets and its effects will covered.

Detailed articles for Marriage Match will be available. Analysis of various doshas like sevvai/guja/mars, raghu/kethu, kal sarpa dosha will be included. Analysis of various houses 7th house (kalathra), 2nd house (kudumba/dhana) will be available. Characteristics of various planets, rashis, nakshatras and yogas will be explained. 10 porutham / pathu porutham / jadhaka porutham will be given in detail. Free match making, porutham checking software tool is available.

For more details:

Your Guide to FutureClick Here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New chit fund

Today i joined new Temple chit at karavali madappur. I paid 1250 to kangaraj, the first due for the 20 month chit. (14th july 2009,aani 30)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Names - Starting letter for any star / Nakshatra

Here is the complete list of starting letters for any Nakshatra / star. You can use these letters to choose the right name for your baby (boy or girl). This applies to babies of all castes, religion, sex and language. For Tamil, Telegu, Kananda, Malayalam, Hindi, Gujarathi, Marathi, Urudhu Names you choose the name in english with following starting letters and transliterate the name to your own language script.

Aswini (Awasthi) - Chu, Che, Cho, La

Bharani - Li, Lu, Le, Lo, Lee,

Krithika (Karthikai) - Aa, Ee, Vu, Ai, A, I, Oo

Rohini - O, Va, Vi, Vu

Mrugasira (Makayiram) - Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki

Arudra (Thiruvadhirai) - Ku, Kam, Ja, Cha, Gha, Da,

Purnarvasu (Punartham) - Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi

Pushyami (Pooyam) - Hu, He, Ho, Da, Hu,

Aslesha (Ayilyam) - Di, Du, De, Do, Dee, Me, Moo, Da

Makha (Magha, Makam) - Ma, Mi, Mu, Me, Ta, Ti,

Purva Phalguni (Pooram, Pubba) - Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu, Pa, Tho, Thoo

Uttara (Uttara Phalguni, Utram) - Te, To, Pa, Pi, Na, Te

Hasta (Atham) - Pu, Sham, Na, Ta, Pa, Poo, Ra, Tha

Chitta (Chitra, Chithira) - Pe, Po, Ra, Ri, Tu, Thae,

Swathi (Chothy) - Ru, Re, Ro, Tha, Roo,

Visakha - Thi, Thu, The, Tho, Te, Tu, Tae, To

Anuradha (Anizham) - Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, Nee, Noo, Nae

Jyeshta (Triketta) - No, Ya, Yi, Yu, Ye, U

Moola (Moolam) - Ye, Yu, Ba, Bi, Yo, Bhi, Bha

Purvashada (Pooradham) - Bu, Da, Bha, Da, Bhoo, Pha, Gha

Utharashada (Utharadam) - Be, Bo, Ja, Ji, Bha, Bhe,

Sravana (Thiruvonam) - Ju, Je, Jo, Ka, Khi, Khee, So

Dhanishta (Avittam) - Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge, Gee

Sathabisham (Chathayam) - Go, Sa, Si, Su, S, See,Su,

Purvabhadra (Pururuttathy) - Se, So, Dha, Dhi, Di, Da

Uttarabhadra (Uthrittathy) - Du, Syam, Zu, Dha, Tha, Doo, Jha, Na

Revathi - De, Do, Cha, Chi

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tamil boy baby names for hindu religion

Here is the much awaited baby name list for Tamil baby. This listing is birth Nakshatra (star) based. First find your babies Nakshatra with horoscope then download the appropriate zip file. Each zip file contains HTML files with baby name list for that Nakshatra.

You need Mylai-sri Tamil font to view these pages properly.
Download the Tamil Font here.

This page contains names for only Tamil Hindu Male babies. I will give Females and other religions in subsequent postings.

1. Aayilyam

2. Anusham

3. Ashwani

4. Avittam

5. Bharani

6. Chithirai

7. Hastham

8. Karthikai

9. Kettai

10. Maham

11. Moolam

12. Mrigashreesh

13. Pooradam

14. Pooram

15. Poorathathi

16. Poosam

17. Punarpoosam

18. Revathi

19. Rohini

20. Sathayam


22. Thiruvathirai

23. Thiruvonam

24. Uthiradam

25. Uthiram

26. Uthirathathi

27. Vishakam

Friday, July 10, 2009

planet pulse - Are they fake?

I have a member of the Planet pulse, a survey website that offers paid surveys to its panel members. I joined a number websites last year. Planet pulse is also such a website. They offered surveys in the initial period. They credited money in the form of pulses (100 pulse equals 1 US dollar). After the pulses reached 1000 they stopped giving survey invitations. A point to note here is that you can request money from your account only when it reached 2000 pulses. Now i am not getting any surveys and my chances of reaching 2000 pulses and eventual payout is low. Is this company a scam? a fake? a fraud?

Dandruff - The Headache on the head

Dandruff, the dry flakes from scalp mingled with the hair, the irritation / itching of scalp and uncomfortable. I found dandruff on my head when i was 16 years old. There are various reasons put by doctors for dandruff.

Usually body cells die regularly. The cells at the scalp are also die and shed regularly. But, for those with dandruff this shedding is rapid and quick. This form flakes.
The falling of dead skin cells in the form of white/Grey patch is know as dandruff flakes. Dandruff is caused by fungus / fungal infection skin oil / sebum and metabolic by-products of skin micro organisms. Food and lack of nutrition, exposure to extreme hot and cold climate are also causes of dandruff. Cleanliness and hygiene is also important.

There are two other diseases with the same symptoms:

1. Flaking is a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis. Redness and itching is actually seborrheic dermatitis, and it frequently occurs around the folds of the nose and the eyebrow areas, not just the scalp.

2. Dry, thick, well-defined lesions consisting of large, silvery scales may be traced to the less common psoriasis (a skin disease) of the scalp.

Treatment of dandruff is done with Salicylic acid (used in Sebulex). This removes dead skin cells from the scalp and decrease the rate at which these cells are created. Zinc pyrithione kills pityrospora. Selenium sulfide achieves the results of both salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione.

Regular shampooing with an anti-fungal product can reduce recurrence.

I personally tried many dandruff shampoos and other organic and natural remedies. The shampoos include clinic all-clear and head & shoulders. I also tried medimix soap with out any good results. Head & shoulders and clinic all-clear are good in containing dandruff. I regularly use clinic all-clear. You should wash you hair with dandruff every day. If you forget the shampooing for a few days the itching will start.

Somebody recommended alo vera a naturally occurring tropical plant for dandruff. I will try siddha and Ayurveda to treat / cure dandruff. I don't think dandruff is hereditary, since nobody in my family have a history of dandruff. My parents and grand parents were free from dandruff. Anyway we can contain at least.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tamil jathaka porutham - 10 porutham for marraige

Due to increased demand for Marriage compatibility / Horoscope Match / 10 porutham / pathu porutham i will provide free marriage match report to people who provide their horoscope details. I don't need the actual horoscope, please give your date&time of birth and place of birth.

You have to provide both bride & groom's (boy & Girl) details. I can construct your horoscope chart and will provide your compatibility report. By default the report is provided in Tamil language. For those want in English, please specify.

I don't charge any fees for this service. However if you want to contribute to website i am designing for this service you can donate some money.

The matching is based on the methods used in south India especially Tamilnadu.

Please send your details to:
Phone: 0 9842284426

We also provide astrology consultation and remedies. We have expert astrologers in Traditional parashara (vedic) method, Krishnamurthy (KP) method, Vakiya panchanga and Malayala Prasna.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Project Madurai -Tamil Electronic books

9 years ago i wished to read writer kalki's 'ponniyin selvan' novel Online. I searched the net and found the ebook in pdf format in project Madurai website. 'Project Madurai' is run by voluntary tamil loving people around the world. It is neither supported by the Tamilnadu Government nor a private organization. There were hundreds of ebooks in PDF format 9 years ago.

The following are the popular tamil writers and their books. The website's service to Tamil literature is beyond words.

Thirukkural - Thiruvalluvar

Ahananooru - Various authors

Azhakin sirippu - Bharathidasan

Alai oosai (4 volumes) - Kalki Krishnamurthi

Aathisoodi - Avvaiyaar

Irunda veedu - Bharathidasan

Ilaignar Ilakkiam - Bharathidasan

Ulaga neethi - Ulaganathar

Aingkurunooru - Five authors

skandha Sashti kavacham - Devaraya Swamikal

Skandha puranam (4 volumes) - Kachiappa Sivachariyar

Kandhar Alankaram - Arunagirinathar

Kandhar Anuboothi - Arunagirinathar

Kalingathuparani - Jayangkondar

kannan pattu - Subramaniya Bharathiyar

Kudumba vilakku - Bharathidasan

kuyil pattu - Bharathi

Silappathikaram (3 volumes) - Ilangovadigal

Sivakamiyin Sabatham (4 volumes) - Kalki

Sidhar (Pattinathar padalkal) - Pattinathu Pillai

Short stories (3 volumes) - Jayakandhan

Seerapuranam - Umaruppulavar

Thanneer Desham - Kavingar variramuthu

Thiru Kutralak kuravanju - Thirikooda rasappa kavirayar

Thiruppukal - Arunagirinathar

Thirumandhiram - Thirumoolar

Thirumurukatruppadai - Nakkeerar

Thiruvarutpaa - Ramalinga Adigalar

Thiruvasagam - Manikkavasagar

Thiruvasakam (English Translation) - G.U Pope

Thiruvenba - Manikka vasakar

Desia Geethangal - Bharathi

Devaram - Thirugnana sambandhar, Thirunavukkarasar, sundaramurthi swamigal

Tholkappiam - Tholkappiar

Nalavenba - Pukazhendhi

Nannool - pavnanthi

Naladiyar - Various authors

Periya puranam - Sekkizhar

and many more available in Tamil ebook format.

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