Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aadi - All festivals start with Aadi

The Tamil Month Aadi has started. Day before yesterday was Aadi 1. 'Aadi Velli' or First friday of Aadi month is celebrated here. We went to Angalamman temple in muthugounder pudur. Then we went to Thangamman Temple at arasur. It is kula theivam for Gounder's Kadai koottam. My maternal uncles belong to kaadai kootam. So they sponsored anna thanam on that day at Thangamman temple.

With aadi all festivals start. Aadi is identified with rivers and flowing with rainfall and all water sources like dams and ponds filled and overflowing. As the aadi begins the siruvani and Pillur dams filled with water and dams, check dams in pollachi and western catchment area are filled. Aaliyar dam, akkamalai check dam are filled with monsoon rainfall. Kerala experienced late rainfall this year, so tamilnadu too got its water late.

Aadi is not good for newly married couple. In those days the wife will be separated from husband and taken to her mother's house. This is done in order to prevent conception / pregnancy occur during this month. If it takes place child birth will occur during the hot summer month of panguni/chithirai. This is the reason behind this old custom of separating couples.

For me, this aadi is special as this is my first festival after marriage (like thalai deepavali this is thalai aadi). My father-in-law and mother-in-law came home and invited us for the festival.

Actually aadi perukku / 18th perukku is celebrated on 18th day of aadi. This day is especially celebrated along the banks of kaveri and other major rivers. The festival is colorful and amusing for those in Trichy, Tanjore areas.

There are other festivals like diwali, vijayadasami, pongal follwing aadi.

I wish every one advance aadi greetings. Happy aadi, happy diwali, happy pongal

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