Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New blog for astrology

I am happy to announce my readers that i have started a separate blog for astrology, Astrology A to Z that covers everything about Indian classical astrology. The history of astrology in India, Various authors or sages contributed to astrology like parashara, jaimini, birighu and more, various branches like Traditional (Vedic), KP (Prasna), Jaimini and Lal Kitab.

Various concepts of a horoscope (jathaka) like lagna / ascendant, moon sign / rashi, 12 houses, 27 nakshatras, vimshottari dasha system for prediction, gochara / transit of planets and its effects will covered.

Detailed articles for Marriage Match will be available. Analysis of various doshas like sevvai/guja/mars, raghu/kethu, kal sarpa dosha will be included. Analysis of various houses 7th house (kalathra), 2nd house (kudumba/dhana) will be available. Characteristics of various planets, rashis, nakshatras and yogas will be explained. 10 porutham / pathu porutham / jadhaka porutham will be given in detail. Free match making, porutham checking software tool is available.

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