Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aadi purchase done

Yesterday (sunday) we did our Aadi purchase of garments. The Big bazaar street was crowded with people purchasing garments for the festival. The big players 'The chennai Silks', 'Ganapathy Silks' are the prominent players in Big Bazaar street. One of the problems with these shops are the lack of parking space for cars. Ganapathy silks offers free parking space near townhall. From townhall signall toward ukkadam go 100 meters and on the right side you can find the parking lot for Ganapathy silks. When we entered the shop it was medium crowded at 5 pm. First we went to the men's readymade at 5th floor. The aadi offer was 3 shirts at rupees 999. The shirts were branded like otto and peter england. We selected 3 offer shirts first. Then we went inside to view the shelfs with 10% discounts. There we selected 5 shirts ranging from 300-350 rupees. Then we went to select matching pant. We selected 6 pants of cotton and tericotton cloths. We paid through my VISA Debit card (both debit & credit cards accepted). The on the ground floor we took two sarees. We altered the pants in the tailoring section below and we returned to mettupalayam. According to me these companies make good advertisement and the offer and discount are mere eyewash and nothing special than ordinary.

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