Saturday, July 18, 2009

Readers digest 9th sweepstakes

Yesterday i recieved a letter from Reader's digest magazine. I was puzzled how they found my address. Later i understand that Reader's digest is published in India by India Today Group to which i was a subscriber.

In the letter i found attractive offer for a sweepstakes entry which could win me about 3 million rupees. They told that my name was selected by country wide computer selection process.

They asked me to send the three pink entry tickets in the return envelope in order to eligible for the sweepstakes in the coming months. They also gave subscription for readers digest one year at 449 rupees instead of regular 750.

There is confirmed three surprise gifts for subscription and a chance to win a car using the car flyer coupon.

I have already read the magazine and it is surely entertaining and engaging.

Ok. I will send the reply envelope by mail and wait for my luck.

Who knows? I may win 3 million and my debts will be nothing then.

Here is the prize list

Super premier cash prize - Rs. 2600000

Early reply bonus in cash - Rs. 400000

First prize in cash - Rs. 200000

Second prize in cash - Rs. 100000

Other pegasus prizes - 3620 Pegasus prizes worth Rs. 68,16,200

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Anonymous said...

so what happened then?

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