Saturday, July 25, 2009

Authenticiy and correctness of Indian Astrology

Many sceptics have arguments against astrology and its validity. I am not practicing western astrology and i have no idea about it. But Indian astrology have its roots to the ancient gyanis who discovered the distant planets and calculated their longitudes and other characteristics through their dhivya dhristis. Jyothish guru brihat parashara, jaimini have left us with unvaluable literature on jyotish. These books teach us on various concepts of astrology and horoscope charts, Yogas and dashas. Astrologers in modern india like K.N.Rao and Krishnamurthy offered pinpoint predictions which further enhance the validity of this ancient science.

Rahu dasha is proving bad for me. Rahu is placed at simha(Leo) which is a debiliation sign for Rahu along with saturn. Thus i have been suffering physically and mentally for the past many years. Also kala sarap dosha present in my horoscope and it bad effect are being experienced by me.

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