Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tsunami and solar eclipse

There will be full solar eclipse (surya grahan) tomorrow. This eclipse is one of the lengthiest in the century and visible in most parts of asia includind India. There is a fear that due to eclipse there will be tsunami in Indian Ocean. But there is no scientific reason behind this belief. So we can safely ignore them as rumours. It is a truth that tidal forces are affected by moon gravitation. So we see dramatic change in tidal wave pattern during full moon and no moon.

The eclipse starts at 5.28 AM and ends at 10.42 AM. The timing may vary to different places. In chennai the maximum eclipse will be at 06.21 and eclipse completes at 07.18 AM.

The surya grahan should not be seen with naked eyes as it may damage retina. The sun's UV rays will be maximum during an eclipse. So it is advisible not to see the eclipse even with sun glasses or mirrors. There is belief that pregnant ladies will be affected by eclipse. So stay at home during the eclipse. There is also beliefs that food should not taken during eclipse as it may be poisoned by sun. So avoid taking food.

A lunar eclipse is not as bad as solar

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