Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kargil war's 10th year victory celebration

Yesterday the country celebrated the victory of Kargil. Pakistan forces maliciously entered the Indian side of the International boundry during Musharaf regime. The BJP government headed by atal bihari vajpayee took swift actions to fight off the pak army intruders. About 13 peaks Including the strategic Tiger Hills, Tolo ling pass, Drass were captured by the pak forces. The infamous bofors howitzers purchased by the previous congress government were used for the first time in karkil war. The cauality rate was high on the indian side. George Fernandes, then Defence Minister of India personally visited the war zone and encouraged the soldiers and officers.

The 10th anniversary of this glorious victory was celebrated yesterday. Prime minister Manmohan singh, Defence minister Antony, Naval chief Admiral suresh metha and many participated in the ceremony.

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