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Tamil Baby names list for hindu girl baby

Here is the list of Hindu tamil girl baby names in Tamil. Previously i posted names for Tamil boy baby for Hindu religion. Now i made it for female Tamil Hindu babies. As for boys i provided compressed zip files for each nakshatra. Below is the list for 27 nakshatras. Obviously these are numerology compliant names for each nakshatra. So your girl will have every success and prosperous in life. God bless the child. Thank you for downloading!

Important: You need Tamil Font Mylai sri to display the Html pages properly. You can download the font here

1. Anusham Nakshatra

2. Ashwini Nakshatra

3. Avittam Nakshatra

4. Aayiyam Nakshatra

5. Bharani Nakshatra

6. Chithirai nakshatra

7. Hastham nashatra

8. karthikai nashathra

9. Kettai nakshatra

10. Maham nakshathra

11. Moolam nakshatra

12. Mrigasirish nakshatra

13. Pooradam Nakshatra

14. Pooram Nakshatra

15. Pooratathi naksathra

16. Poosam natchathra

17. Punarpoosam naksatra

18. Revathi nakshatra

19. Rohini nakshatra

20. Sathayam nakshatra

21. swathi nakshatra

22. Thiruvathirai nakshatra

23. Thiruvonam nakshatra

24. Uthiradam nakshatra

25. Uthiram Nakshatra

26. Uthiratathi nakshatra

27. Visakam nakshatra

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