Friday, January 16, 2009

Home front

I reached home on 15-1-2009 to know that babu admitted at GKNM hospital. I went to hospital at 10 am along with barathi. Doctor suggested for 24 hour ECG monitoring. accordingly the monitor was fixed and i stayed there in the night. Next day ie today i returned home and slept for some time. I went to kpatty in the evening. There i find India today subscription 1st and 2nd issue arrived. dated 12 and 19 jan respectively.
Meanwhile they have fixed an alliance for me. the bride was a mettupalayam resident with MBA and B.Com. We have planned a visit to her home on coming Wednesday. Vadivelu is also visiting her bride that day. Hope it will be a smother ceremony. I should attend lord muruga at maruthamalai soon.

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