Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya Case - High Court Verdict Today

The Allahabad High court's Lucknow bench will give its verdict today on the Issue of Ram Janma Bhoomi & Babri Masjid. The Hindus claim the place was the birth place of Shri Ram, Incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. The place holds the cemetery of Muslim Emperor Babar. The case is in the court for about 60 years now. The verdict on this historic case is being given by the Honorable Allahabad Highcourt's Lucknow bench. In about few moments the verdict will be out to the general public in India.

Riots and religious disharmony is expected in many parts in India. As a precautionary measure the Indian Government and State Goverments have made elaborate security measures. Security forces have been deployed in sensitive areas. Security has been tightened in Railway Stations, Airports and Important religious places.

Religious groups have asked people to be calm.

After all we are human beings. Ram or Allah shows one path. Path of peace and love. Nobody should upset because of the verdict. One can get God's grace only by loving fellow human being. I will update once the verdict is out!

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