Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am writing this on sunday 10 am. I have not written for past 5 days.
Wednesday I received email that i was selcted for GAF project ON DNS. Thursday I wento to avinashi. Met RK there. Krishna and me returned home to get laptop charger. We installed 2003 we developed s/w for GreenWorld pazhamudir, TPR.
Friday we went to tirupur to install s/w. We setup weigh scale. We returned avinashi. I stayed there and played heretic. Saturday i returned home, went to authupalyam on 16th day. chinna athai had taken sick. Moorthy and i went to kpatty.
Heavy rainfall experienced allover tamilnadu. We had frequent rain. I returend home at 9pm. Mumbai Taj hotel terrorist attack had come to an end. atleast 200 people killed and 10 terrorist killed. NGS commandos and security forces made the nation proud by their meritorious deed. Shame to politicians. We will not forget TAJ, OBEROI, TRIDENT.

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