Friday, November 21, 2008

20&21st Nov,2008

I fortgot to write yesterdays post. You will know the reason soon. Yesterday we (me,and krishna) went to PN palayam to Velumani's house. We met him at 12 pm. After going to him home we took his bike and went to nilgiris. We had our lunch there. I had a chicken briyani and curd semia. krishna had a freid rice and semia. Krishna paid the bill by coupons about Rs. 150/-. Then we went to Yogam A-One Manamalai To meet Guruji Appaji. We asked him for Profiles for our HEAVEN project. He told the day was astami and asked to come monday. We then came back you velumanis house and make some service to his PC. In the evening we went to lakshmi mills Tasmak and had our drink 2 signatures.Velumani had tooth pain and did not take drink. We then parted. I reached home at about 10.30 PM.(Splendors tank was empty, however i managed using choke) Thats why i did not write yesterday.
Today i reached i went to office as usual. Spent some time on lakshmi web. Then came a laptop service (Install internet with Motorola L7 airtel GPRS ). We then went to Suryas cafe. We had our lunch there. Chicken kulambu was very good. Krishna went home. In the evening i met suresh and discussed about opening branch in kpatty. I took his CPU to home for service(SMPS problem Right now iam writing this with his CPU. so far no problem). Got phone call from logu annan. He relocated from tirupur to saravanampatty. He told it today. We are still unsettled!!!.

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