Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tamilnadu got heavy rainfall

Monsoon rain in tamilnadu

Two days of heavy rainfall in Tamilnadu makes the state water bounty. The north east monsoon was not great until last friday when cyclone hit the coast of nagapattinam and kanyakumari. The showers started on saturday 7th november 2009 when me and bharathi went to palladam to encash the cheques from ASM Sizing. That afternoon marked the start of heavy rain. Priya's relatives had arrived to home that afternoon. After lunch they departed with shareauto. Then we could not went out of home due to non-stop rainfall.

Not only coimbatore, Erode, Salem but the entire tamilnadu, from kanyakumari to chennai got the rainfall. Nagapattinam, Thiruvaroor, Erode, Salem, pondichery got the rain. The rain was due to the cyclone. Today (monday) a holiday has been declared to schools and colleges in coimbatore and other districts.

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