Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DMKs achievement - Kalaignar Insurance

One of the useful schemes of DMK Government in TamilNadu is 'Kalaignar Kappeedu', a free Insurance scheme for poor and needy. In fact DMK Government Initiated many free schemes like free Color Television, Free GAS Connection and rice for 1 ruppee a KG. The opposition parties initially criticized DMK and its chief Kalaignar karunanithi for the freebies offered for vote. But these freebies got vote for DMK and DMK came to power in TamilNadu in 2006.

The freebies offered during Election campaign were implemented in phased manner. Initially color Television was offered only to those have no Television in Home. Later the scheme was covered to all having Ration Cards. Each Color Television Costs Rs. 2700/-.

Gas Connection also is offered along with a Gas Stove. The one rupee rice is also a success. The Government spends a huge amount of subsidy to support these schemes.

To culminate the efforts of DMK Government Kalignar Karunanithi announced Kalaignar Kaappeeedu, a free Insurance Coverage for Poor family having annual Income upto rupees 25000.

Yesterday we enrolled ourselves for the Free insurance Scheme. Photographs were taken for each family by Star Health Personnel. In this scheme each family gets Insurance coverage Upto Rupees one lakh. Hats off to Kalaignar and his free Insurance scheme.

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