Friday, October 2, 2009

Most Searched Items On Internet

Top 10 on Google

Today i happened to make some searches on Adwords Keyword Tool (A Google service that provide contextual ads). I searched for the term 'JAVA' and it was searched for 45,500,000 times on Globally per month. Google also recommended additional keywords. Here is that amazing list of most searched keywords on Music was the most searched after keyword on the internet. 'Music' was searched for 506000000 times on the search engine giant This figure include all Google domains like,, etc., The next keyword was 'video' and 'download' was the third ranking keyword.

music - 506000000 (Global monthly average searches)
video - 414000000
download - 338000000
online - 338000000
games - 277000000
software - 151000000
windows - 124000000
mobile - 101000000
internet - 83100000
computer - 83100000

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Anonymous said...

Hi, pls tell how to know these statistics from google

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