Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Year After mumbai Attacks

Exactly one year ago, the nation was stunned when terrorists attacked its financial capital Mumbai. The pakistan supported terrorist entered Mumbai via sea, using securiy holes. They entered Mumbai Satrapathi Shivaji Railway terminal and opened fire on innocent people. Senior police official like hemant karkare and others were killed in action. Then the terrorists entered hotel Taj International and took people as hostage. The mumbai police was unable to stop them. Paramilitary was called-in, NSG forces were called-in. Army and Air-force were brought into action.
The only terrorist captured alive was 'Ajmal Kasab' a karachi resident. Police sub-inspector thuukaram captured him. All other terrorists were killed in the fighting. 164 people, from many countries and continents were killed by terrorists. 6 persons belonging to jew community were killed during a prayer in nariman house.
Today mumbai observed this memorial day to commorate the service of commandos and security personnel. Blood donations were given in CST terminal, mumbai.

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