Friday, December 4, 2009

Teknics mama died

2nd december 2009 was a day of shock and awe when we hear the news that Teknics mama died of heart attack. I was at somanur oil shop, servicing a computer when babu called and told that he was suffering a heart ailment. Before they reach KMCH, the leading hospital in the city he was dead. The reason is obvisous, his corononay disease. Five years ago he was diagnosed with a heart block and was advised to undergo a byepass surgery. But instead of going for a surgery he took alternate medicines. At last his heart stopped pumping. Aunt is suffering kidney malfunction and is undergoing dialysis. Last week they went to Tiruchur, AMala hospital and got home dialysis kit.

mama's loss is severe blow the family of three, all women. His cable TV network is now a question mark. Who will run his business? What will happen? Anyway we had intimate relation with mama, he was jovial, energetic and knowledgable. May his soul rest in peace.


Rajesh Sorcerer said...
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Rajesh Sorcerer said...

hi boss
this is rajesh from pallapalayam.
ur blog ...sundar diary is interesting.
everybody will like to peep to read others diary :)

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