Saturday, August 15, 2009

english to tamil translation service

Hello, any one need english to tamil translation service. Tamil is one of the ancient south Indian language. Tamil is one of the classic Languages like Latin and sanskrit. Unlike english which has only 26 alphabets Tamil has over 200 alphabets which makes it a complex to learn reading and writing in Tamil. This ancient language has a proud history and rich literature. World famous Tamil works include Thirukural (couplets) by Thiruvalluvar and Kamba Ramayana by Kambar and many more books.
I am proficient in grammer and other language elements of Tamil. So i can traslate any complex english writing into Tamil keeping the original meaning. Currently there is no software tools available to translate english to tamil and tamil to english translation. Software for such work is greatly needed by the Tamil community worlwide. Since i am a software programmer with good experience in software projects i am ready to participate in such a project. These projects can not be done by individuals and need team effort.

Anybody willing to develope tamil english dictionary or english tamil online dictionary or english tamil converter can contact me. We can put even online tool for english-tamil and tamil-english translation and dictionary for the same purpose. These can be made available free at the initial satage. Step by step we an include paid membership and other options. Please mail me if your are interested.
Meanwhile i can give english to tamil translation service to those who need. Please mail me if you need english to tamil translation, tamil to english translation.


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