Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Wireless Internet through wi-fi

Yesterday our home was connected with BSNL Broadband connection. After initial diagnosis for signal strength from somanur BSNL Exchange we were given connection at 512 KBPS speed. The DSL connection was not a PPP but always on connection with out user name and password. They gave a password and user name to be used in their portal. The 2 GB data plan costs about 600 a month. I connected my lenovo laptop through ITI routers wi-fi facility. It connected immediately without any hassle. The problem is the wireless connection is open without any security. This is the default configuration setting in the ITI ADSL router.

All Broadband connections given by BSNL with ITI router is wireless enabled and ready to connect by other wifi computers. This is a security threat as anyone with a PC or laptop with wifi facility can connect to these routers and browse for free. There is not much to panic about it. Nowadays wifi is common and provided for free in many public places like airport, railways and hotels. In karumathampatty you can connect through wifi in many places where BSNL Broadband Internet is active. You just need your wifi mobile phone or laptop computer to enjoy free internet service at broadband speed. Thanks to BSNL connecting India

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