Monday, August 24, 2009

SEO - What i have learnt

It is almost an year i started by blogging career. Now i have under stood the importance of SEO / Search Engine Optimization. Without SEO your site can not reach its intended market/audience.

Ok. Here is the small scoop on SEO.

There are two major things in SEO.

1. On page optimization.

This is to be done on the website / web page you create. Things to be considered are,

The 'title' tag. Put your main keyword in this tag. Put sub keywords separated by '|' or '::'.

For example, if main keyword is 'Loans' and sub keyword is 'Home Loans' the title tag would be,
title Loans | Home Loans title
The total words should not exceed 9.

Next the "h1, h2" tags. Search engine bots looks for these tags while indexing your site. Put your keywords in these tags.

Next, your keywords must appear in the first sentence of the page and last paragraph of the page. In between equally distribute the keywords. Make the keyword bold, italic and underline at 2,3 places.

Next the Image tag and Image. Use and image with the name of you keyword, like 'Loans graphic.jpg' and use the ALT attribute like,

Next use the Anchor tag
Loans link

This is all about on page optimization.

2. Off page optimization.

This is all about incoming links to your sites. For this You need to get links from other websites to your site.

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