Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pillayar Chathurthi and Kolukattai / Modak

Ganesh chaturthi Modak
This year Vinayagar Chathurthi / Pillayar Chaturthi / Ganesh Cahartuthi is celebrated on August 23. Kolukattai / Modak is his favorite food.

Lord Ganesha is considered the Primal Hindu God. Before starting any new venture or work Ganesha's favor is essential. His birthday is celebrated as chathurthi. This is celebarted every year on sukla paksha chaturthi thithi of the Tamil Month Aavani.

Chaturthi is celebrated all over India transcending religions, caste and community.

Pooja during Genesh Chaturthi festival:

How to pray lord Ganesha?
On the day of chathurthi get up early morning and take bath and clean the house. Mango leaves should be tied across the door entrance. And Banana Tree should be placed on both sides. In the pooja room Thalai Vazhai leave is placed with its end facing north and put some raw rice (pacharisi). Then put Ganesh idol made of clay and use Tharpai leave, Sembaruthi flower.

Ganesh's favorite is kolukkattai / Modhaka. The Recipe for kolukattai is given

You can find Recipe for sweet kolukattai

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