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LIC Of India - India's largest Insurer

Lic Of India - The name is synonymous with Insurance with more than two thousand branches and overseas branches in Fiji, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Kenya, Bahrain, Nepal, Sri lanka, saudi arabia lic plays a pivotal role in giving financial security to millions of family in India. I know much about this organization because my father worked as an agent for more than 15 years for this company.
My father was a farmer then (years back in 1980s) and agriculture was the primary occupation of my father (before he worked for Primary agri co-op bank in valparai, pollachi, he resigned the job for family problems). Due to poor performance in agriculture he looked for other source of living. He first joined peerless (or fearless i don't know) as an agent. The company soon involved in scandals and its reputation spoiled. He then joined in Lic branch, sulur. Public awarness in insurance is very low those days. So promoting licofindia was very diffcult. My father was very hardworking and determined. He will wake early morning and visit each house before the prospective client is out of home. Like the mohamad of Gazhni who make expedition on somanatha temple for 16 sixteen times before he succeed. Another important thing in marketing lic schemes is the trust and faith. You have to convince the client that his money will be safe and will yield good returns. An lic agent is not authorized to collect money on behalf of the corporation. But the premiums are collected by agents. So an agent handles thousands of rupees of money and some cheating and fradulant agents spoils the name of the corporation. licindia has done a lot through its branches, development officers and agent network to make awareness about its various schems lic money back, lic pension plan, jeevan lic. llc of india offers its agents lucarative commission and bonus and other benefits. They will earn club membership based on the business done. These are chairmans club, branch managers club, zonal managers club. Lic encourages its agent by giving away trophy, medals, awards to best agents on its role. My father too earned many awards and gifts during his life time. ilc india offers its customer various plans of life insutance like whole life, endowment, money back, childrens plans and pension plans.

Now lic recurits agents through IRDA . Irda license is a must to become an agent. You need to take the irda examination in order to qualify. life insurance india is the largest insurance provider and its agent netwrok makes it possible. job licindia : agent is not a regular employee of lic corporation. He earns commision only if he do business. lic home loan : lic offers home loans at a reasonable interest rate. You will get a loan if you a an lic policy and other documents like site plan, approval etc.
lic policy is used a document for age proof and address proof etc.
lic mediclaim : lic doesn't provide medical policies as it is general insurance by National Insurance and united India Insurance
licindia com www licindia : website for lic - http://www.licindia.com/, www lic of india , lic india com

Branch address and phone

Souther zone
Lic building,
153, anna salai,
pb no. 2450, chennai - 600002
phone: 044 28616000
email: sz_zmsectl@licindia.com

lic central office
Yogakshema, jeevan bima marg
P.B NO. 19953
mumbai 400 021
phone: 022 22884108

Norther zone (lic delhi)
lic delhi address:
124, Connaught Circus,
Jeevan Bharti Building,
New Delhi - 110 001
Tel: 011 23325734
email : nz_zmsectl@licindia.com

lic over seas (for nri india)

LICI house,
II, Butt street,
GPO Box 266,
Suva Fiji,
ISD - 00679 Tel: 3304148
email : lici@connect.com.fj

LIC Centre,
John Kennedy street,
PO Bos 310
Port Louis,
ISD : 00230 Tel : 2115702
email : liccmm@intnet.mu

United Kingdom
York House,
13t Floor,
empire way,
ISD : 0044 Tel: 2087957101
email : saji.paul@liciuk.com

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