Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's thoughts

Its really a hot day with thermometers showing above 100 degree Fahrenheit. Tamil nadu people especially coimbatore, tirupur and erode people are unlucky with out rain in this monsoon season. Every year rain hits our region about this time of july-august. Baghvan varuna, the rain god, please turn to our side as we are desperately looking for you.

Ponnusamy and me had lunch at the newly opended Sri Saravana Bhavan hotel in karumathampatty. The hotel was started barely a month before and getting good number of customers now. Two days before i had morning breakfast there. It was not bad comparing other cheap hotels in karumathampatty. The name saravana bhavan is synonymous with hotel as it was made popular by annachi in chennai. The afternoon lunch meal comprise sambar, puli kulambu, rasam, appalam, poriyal, kootu, payasam and curd. It is comparable to Aryas, coimbatore and not as good as Annapoorna hotel, coimbatore. Still Annapoorna maintain the quality and taste.

Ok. Now my astrology AtoZ blog is getting around 60 vistors a day. I just checked and the vistor count now is 64 with 208 page views. I have achieved this in one months time. Good? Isn't it? What to do next? The site and its contents are now freely available. I am provding astrology information and marriage match details. I will soon give more services like building vasthu sasthra, Numerology and palmistry.

I have a bit of knowledge in Numerology and palmistry. But my Vasthu Sasthra knowledge is very less. Ok. I will learn these things for you. right. By the way Palm reading and palm leaf reading is different. Palm reading is reading of hand's palm and predicting future. Palm leaves are those ancient leaves held at kumbakonam and vaitheeswaran koil. These are called Naadi readings or Nadi Jothidam. This art is supposed to tell you the past, present and future of your life. Be careful, there are many fake Nadi readers out there. Don't lose your money with these cheats. Finding a genuine Nadi reader is a bit difficult. We will discuss it later.

Ok. I am getting enquiries for Nichayatartham wordings, Nichatartham meaning and more on this subject of Tamil Ceremony. I am also getting searches for Thali Kodi designs, Fabrication of Thaali Kodi and more. Coimbatore is fortunate to have a number of Gold smiths. They are availbe in cross cut road, Big Bazaar street and other areas. Few years back i got a request to design website for such a gold worker. He wanted to display his works / designs on a website and want orders. Fine. I will gather information and put it soon.

Gud nite

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