Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swine flu in chennai, coimbatore

After the first death for swine flu in Pune, Maharastra, Government of Tamilnadu advised people not to go to pune. Total death to this deadly disease has increased to 4. First death for this virus fever was Reeta sheikh, a school student in pune. Next victim was 53 year old pamitha panwala of mumbai and sanjay dukkaram of pune. fourth was NRI Indian Praveen Patel of Gujarat.
In chennai about 25 persons have been diagnosed with Swine flu symptoms.
This flu will become strong during the winter period. In coimbatore five persons were diagnosed with swine fever. Maline a software engineer returned from mumbai identified with swine flu. Sample were sent to King institute, Guindy where the blood tests are done.
What is the treatment / therapy / vaccine for swine flu?
Currently Tami Flu is the effective vaccine for flu fever.
The symtoms include high temperature fever, cold etc.

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