Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Actress Sneha and Ragavendra Story

Acress sneha and Bangalore Ragavendra news is the sensational and hot news in kollywood now. Who is this ragavendra? and How he became a sensation?

Ragavendra is a bangalore based business man and he developed one sided love for this tamil cinema beauty, sneha. This man posed himself as a film producer and approached actress sneaha and had story discussions for many days in star hotels. He spend hundred of thousands of rupees for this effort. Sneha did not yield to his efforts. To persuade her he used a Dance master from kodampakkam. This mediator received money from ragavendara in order to purchase gifts and articles for sneha.

It is not sure whether these gifts reached the actress. After several months of attempts sneha is not on his way. He started sending mobile sms. At first these sms messages were decent and polite. The response from sneha side was nil. Finally ragavendra started sending sex and porn messages and pictures.

Sneha finally reported this to police and now ragevendra is in jail for his love for sneha.

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