Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Powerloom strike

It is now about two weeks, the powerloom in and around somanur ceased to work. The powerloom here manufacture grey gada cloth. These looms operate on job work basis or purchase yarns and manufacture cloth on their own.

The strike was started on 5th august 2009. The demands are Cancellation of fine for Electric bill, and give the same price / meter as before. The coolee / wage was reduced due to the low demand and price fall for gada cloths.

The previous discussion / meeting / negotiation failed to give any result. 4th round of talks with cloth manufacturers will be held on 19th august. Deputy commissioner for labor welfare, Coimbatore will preside over the talks.

The powerloom owners want the Tamilandu government and its ministers intervene their problem and give a solution.

Textile mills and Sizing mills are also affected by this strike. Sizing mills manufacture the yarn in beams. These beams are supplied to powerlooms were cloth is manufactures with weft yarn. These sizing mills in somanur, karumathampatty, palladam are affected due to strike.

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