Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship day - What is real friendship?

What is the definition of friend? A friend is the person with whom we have a relationship, help each other, share our thoughts and opinions and more.

My first friend was a school time friend in madappur. Anandhi (Anandha kumar), lenin (now in chennai), palanisamy. But these friendhip are not strong enough to come throughout the life. Now i have no intimacy and any relationship with them. I hardly speak to them. I think there was not enough maturity in those childish days. The friendhip was for fun, play and studies. We did not greet each other on birthday or other auspicious days. We had frequent fights and quarrels. OK. After elementary school a joined High school in sulur. I think i could not find a friend there. Prakash of Rasipalayam was the only person i was close with. After SSLC i Joined a school in Peelamedu, KK Naidu Matriculation High schoool. Where panneer selvan, Babu srinivasan, Loga bala krishnan, Prabakaran, muthu kumar, dharmaraj are close allies of mine. But this too was not a friendhip and there was selfish motive in these relationships. I joined PSG arts and science college, peelamedu after school. In BSC chemistry department karthi was my close ally. Till now we maintain our friendhip. That smiling face is till my favorite friend. I wish him and others heartily all success in life.

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