Friday, August 14, 2009

What is High paying Adsense keywords list?

Adsense is the Affiliate Ads program offered by the search engine company google. Website owners can display display ads provided by google on their website. If a viewer click on the ad the website owner get a payment. The business has been around for about 6-7 years or more. It is the easiest and quickest affiliate program to make some money. In other affiliate programs you have to promote a product or service. The customer should subscribe for a service or purchase a product online. Unlike these affiliate marketing programs google Adsense and other ad programs just need a click on the advertisement. Google shares its adsense revenue with its publishers.
If you have a good website and have resonable number of visitors you can apply for google adsense. After reviewing your site google can either approve or disapprove the site. The site should not contain adult and mature content, should not have racial content, should not have pornograhpy photos and videos should not have content on drugs and other bad stuff.
Ok. You have applied for adsense and displaying ads. What about your income. It depends on the number of visitors you get. It depends on the CTR of Click Through Rate. For example you get 100 visits / page impressions and get two clicks your CTR is 2%. If the CTR is more the income from adsense is more.
What is the rate per click? Google has kept it a secret. It is also against the adsense policy to disclose your CTR and income. We can assume that the rate depends on the content or niche of the site and competition in that niche. For example high competition keywords include financial products like credit card, Loan, Personal loan. These are also high paying too.

How can you identify high paying adsense keyword?

You have workout to find it. Many people build websites or blogs only to earn money from adsense. Many purchase the websites from third parties. But is that profitable? In long term basis it is not advisable to buy sites and copy content from other sites. A 1000 meter run begins from a single step. Hardwork and determiniation will payoff.

It is not a bad idea to research for high paying keywords. Afterall you spend hundreds of painful hours to build you site and get visits. It is waste if these efforts are not well rewarded. So think before you start. It is a general rule that high competition keywords are high paying too. It is based on demand and supply economics rule. Price of Goods increase as the demand increase. It applies to everthing including adsense.

So, do your research on these keyword list to build your adsense empire. Be honest and sincere in your efforts. Your honesty will definetely payoff. All the best

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