Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's thought - suicide

Suicide or self killing is one of the common causes for death. Human being is the only creature that kills itself. There are many ways to commit suicide. Almost all suicide methods are painful. Hanging with a robe is common suicide method in Tamilnadu.

How to commit suicide?
If you write a book on this subject that will be a hot sale. Why people want to commit suicide. Depression is the main reason for suicide. A psychological therapy could treat suicide thoughts. There are unplanned suicides and planned suicides. Those committing suicide in anger are unplanned. If you give some time your thought will change for sure. Most countries have laws prohibiting suicide. In India suicide is punishable offense in crpc code.

people want painless suicide and follow diffrent methods like sleeping pills, cyanide and other poisons.

In India suicide among farmers are very common. They are always in debt. If they are not able to pay their debts they commit suicide with family. In Andrapradesh many such suicides takes place. To prevent suicide, suicide prevention cells are operating which provides counseling for those with suicide mood.

It is terrible if you survive a suicide attempt. Especially if commit suicide with fire and self immolation and your survive with burn and injury by fire it is the hell on earth. Poison suicides also face such consequences of organ failures and disability.

This body is not yours. You have no right to destroy yourself. Try to live life, face its difficulties and challenges. There is noting to fear at, under the sun.

Be happy and enjoy life

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