Monday, August 10, 2009

India celebrates independence day on 15th august

Saturday 15th august 2009 will be a national holiday. School and college students and government employees are happy about the holiday. Flag sellers are happy about the extra income they could muster by selling the national tricolor flag. Other common public will simply ignore or unaware of the fact that their nation got Independence from the Great Britain 62 years ago.

After 62 years of Independence from a foreign ruler nations progress is appreciable in many fields including science and technology, agriculture (with green revolution and white revolution), aerospace, space technology, defence, nuclear technology, foreign relations and so on.

Still millions of people live below poverty lines. One third of nations people still go to bed without food. Millions of villages are dark without electricity, and other basic amenities. We must look back to the british rule where they constructed a number of irrigation dams, built the huge railways network, bring telephone and telegraph in India. There was suppression in British rule. But they treated their subjects well.

Todays politicians are corrupt and selfish. Millions of dollars worth black money is deposited in swiss banks. Indians, both politicians and businessmen cheat the government and keep this large sums of money without use.

All levels of the government machinery is corrupt by its staff. From peon to district collector, everyone want money to do their duties. From VAO Office to secratariat everybody asks bribe. The vigilance and CBI are making arrests of corrupt official in a regular day to day manner. They are getting arrested red handed. Still they involve in bribery cases. The reason is apparent. They easily get out of the case with out any punishment. These offenders are not convicted by law. These criminals working for government should be punished by the public. They should be branded as criminals and should be dismissed from their posts immediately. Why do they ask for money to do their job? What is the reason no severe action is taken against them?

From registrar office to taluk office, from EB office to post office all government servants ask money without any shame or self esteem. They are getting excellent salary and perks. They get pension benefit and gratuity. They get bonus and incentives. They get holidays and leaves. Still they want more. They don't give respect to public. The police station is the worst example. Many criminals, theives, murderers, cheats, frauds, rapists work in the police department. The highest punishment for their crimes are simple transfer or suspensions. From the recuruitment itself the corruption begins. You will get a government job only if you are able to pay thousands of ruppees to the selection committee or board.

Recent elections in India, especially in Tamilnadu have shown the trends. People receive money from candidates and vote accordingly. This is the beauty of democracy. Proxy voting and criminals in elections is common thing in India.

Sorry. I abruptly stop writing this post as my head aches. Gud nite

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