Thursday, May 14, 2009

Want to be a freelancer?

Looking for a Job? Lost your Job? Want to earn from Home? Want overseas projects?
Please Read on.

This is a period of recession. Everybody is loosing jobs and major companies around the world are laying off workers in order to survive. Automobile sector is largely affected by this recession. It is estimated that the situation will be normal only by the end of 2010.

IT is the next victim of this disaster. Major Indian IT giants like Wipro, TCS, Infosys are laying off workers. In this difficult period IT professionals can try freelance jobs available on the internet. I have used some freelance sites with little success. In most cases the service buyer/employer posts his project requirement and estimated budget. Interested service providers/employees can bid on the project. The employer will assess their qualification and offer the project to one of the bidders. Payment is usually handled by the website which acts as an agent.

You can be a successful freelancer if have IT / programming experience, willingness to work in nights, honesty and perseverance. Projects are available for .NET, PHP, SQL, ORACLE, MYSQL, VB, c#, graphics design, logo design, webdesign, wordpress, joomla, excel and other areas.

The following are some genuine freelance websites.

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