Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prabhaharan's death - A mystery?

In my previous posts i have posted videos and photographs of the dead LTTE leader prabhakaran. These evidences clearly confirmed his death. He is not hiding anywhere on this planet earth and gone to heaven definitely.

But still there are mystery and doubts about his death.

The Srilankan military initially stated prabhaharan and other top rebel leaders were kill while attempting to escape by van. They told the bodies were burnt as the VAN caught fire. Later they found the body at Nandhikadal lagoon. The have found another hundred bodies of LTTE fighters.

I don't think prabhaharan tried to escape in the last minute. I he wished so he could have done it a few months ago. He understood defeat was inevitable and wished a heroes death. He either committed suicide by blowing up his head or shot by srilankan army.

In either case he has become a martyr for Tamil cause. He fought tirelessly for over 30 years for separate Eelam. Now his dream has come to a bitter end. No Eelam is possible with a determined and courageous leader like him. I salute him at this moment. May his soul rest in peace.

What happened to his wife madivadani and daughter? Who is the second-in-command in LTTE leadership. Will the organization disintegrate immediately after prabhaharan's death? Will they reemerge after some time?

Only Time will answer these questions. Let us wait until then.

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