Friday, May 15, 2009

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Which is the perfect notebook computer for you? The answer depends on various factors. Your budget, usage, requirement and much more.

For a beginner its better to buy a laptop in middle or lower budget. Nowadays good laptops are available from 20000 INR onwards.

I use lenovo an IBM Brand. It has dual core 1.7 MHz intel mobile Processor, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Disk Drive and 15 inch screen with bluetooh/wireless options.

I purchased it an year back from a Coimbatore Dealer. So far it has been a fantastic companion without causing any problem. It was preloaded with DOS when i purchase. Then i format it and installed Windows XP os.

The battery capacity is about 3 hours. It is not get heated much as HP/compaq notebooks my friends bought. So my vote is for lenovo. laptops buy from lenovo.

I have not taken it to service yet. I can fix all software problems myself, as i am computer graduate. I don't know where lenovo service center located in tamilnadu/coimbatore, but it is not hard to find.

This is my personal experience with lenovo. It my recommendations. But you can use your free will select your choice.

Have a good day!

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